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When Game of Thrones meets one of the most treasured franchises from your childhood, everything becomes twisted and destroyed. Megasteakman on YouTube has given us a taste of how George R. R. Martin's famed series would impact on the land of Hyrule and, while hilarious, things don't turn out so well for the beloved characters of The Legend of Zelda.

Childhoods Destroyed As Game of Thrones Meets The Legend of Zelda

Poor, Zelda.
Poor, Zelda.

Entitled Game of Hyrule, this fan film will overload you with references to both of the franchises involved. I've counted over 40 after watching it a few times, but I'm sure there are tons more that I'm missing. How many can you find tucked away within this 5 minute film?

Not only is this visually impressive, but there are some pretty damn good moments that perfectly remind us of the cruelty and dark nature of Game of Thrones (cannot wait for Sunday) while juxtaposing them with the endless delights of The Legend of Zelda. Just look at the attention to detail in some of these shots!

The moment above is pretty damn good. How did they get that laugh so perfect?! But these have to be my favorite quotes:

  • "Many have reported this criminal breaking and entering, stealing rupees, defiling the graves of our people and performing unauthorized landscaping."
  • The scream of the White Walkers. So good.
  • "Press 'A' if you want me to repeat that."
  • "Kooloo Limpah!"
  • "Master, the batteries in your Wii-mote are nearly depleted." "Huh?"
  • "The wound has pierced his Heart Container."
  • The savage beating of the chicken. Damn.
  • The cheerful music that plays over Zelda eating the heart of what can only be Epona. Holy shit.

For more content like this, you can be sure to find some great videos on Megasteakman's channel on YouTube. For instance, you may be familiar with this fantastic Game of Thrones style opening set in the land of Hyrule. It's perfect.

How many references did you find?


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