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Nathaniel Rego

In the final episode of season 1 of Supergirl (CBS), Supergirl has saved her sister Alex and the rest of National City from Non's mind control curse via message of Hope. This yet has only prompted Non and Indigo to finish their end of the world plot by using the computer network Myriad to decimate every last human on Earth via sonic yet fatal sound vibrations.

Supergirl and Martian Manhunter defeat Indigo and Non once and for all outside their former prison turned base from Krypton. Supergirl then flies up to and hurls the prison turned base into the sun killing the rest of Non's army inside. She is then saved by Alex in a military pod.

The world has been saved and Kara Danvers secretly Supergirl has been promoted at CatCo, courtesy of Cat. But, the following evening, Supergirl and others notice a strange crash landing object zoom toward their apartment. She and Martian Manhunter investigate the crashed pod from Krypton only for Supergirl to find out that it is somehow none other than her father who has been thought deceased after all these years.

Supergirl: Season 2 flies into HDTV screens fall 2016 on CBS.


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