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We all know the classics right? Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Wolverine, even now we are being introduced to newer lesser known characters like Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange and The Inhumans.

But what if I told you that even these stranger characters have nothing on some of the diamonds hiding amongst the archives of Marvel and DC? You might say "Weirder than an 8 ft sentient tree and his best friend the genetically altered talking raccoon?" And I'd say yes! Much stranger!

Danny The Street. (DC)

The name says it all, he is a street named Danny, literally! He is a piece of road that can teleport wherever he likes and blend into any city his powers also allow for the city to bend around him and give him room to fit in, he uses this power to help people, gives people a sanctuary on... him basically. It all sounds crazy right? Just Google the rest of the Doom Patrol if you want even more DC comic book weirdness!

Penance. (Marvel)

I don't know where I stand on penance, in one hand he seems really bad ass, on the other quite sick! He started off as a Superhero known as Speedball back then his powers weren't all that he could Generate a Kinetic field to propel him into battle (Pretty basic right?) But during Civil war he suffered a horrific accident mutating his own powers and creating "Penance" Who's powers only activate when suffering excruciating pain, so his answer to this was to create a suit lined with barbs and spikes so as to constantly tear himself apart to stimulate his powers!
In his defense the suit is nightmare material!

Squirrel Girl! (Marvel)

Well! On a much much lighter note!

There isn't much to say about Squirrel Girl she's a girl who looks and acts like a squirrel, in her first appearance she tried to impress iron man in the woods hoping to become his sidekick before foiling Dr Doom basically on her own, she isn't to be underestimated!

Matter Eater Lad! (DC)

His name is Tenzil Kem from the planet Bismol (I see what you did there DC) Matter Eater Lad can Eat any matter that's all their is too it. He is a member of the league of superheroes and once went mad after eating an indestructible miracle machine!

Arm Fall Off Boy. (DC)

So Floyd Belkin has the ability to shed his arms and being a hero decides that the best thing to do is use said arms to beat criminals to a pulp. I love this so much it's so dumb it's good.

So clearly in the world of superpowers not everyone can get lucky and become a Thor or a Superman, Gain super speed or telekenis sometimes you draw the short straw and your arms fall off, but a true hero will pick those arms back up and fight crime with them.

I hope you enjoyed -Derek


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