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The sandbox that is Fallout 4 is already a pretty mixed bag of awesome and super weird occurrings; what with its mix of lawless humans, hungry, mutated beasts and game breaking bugs all vying to ruin your day. You could say it's so dangerous in the wasteland that it might be good to have a hero to save the day.

That's where these mods come in, intrepid reader. With a simple download and a tweak, you could become the hero that Boston deserves, or at least wear power armor with Batman's logo on the front. Who wouldn't want that?

So come in and have a look at these 6 awesome superhero mods for Fallout 4:

1. Batman Power Armor

Though it was great finally seeing the Dark Knight returning to the fray in his Superman-busting armor, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. How could I recreate that badassery in FO4? Well thanks to this mod by JayButzer007 that changes the paint variations for the T-60 and X-01 power armor into the stealthy matt black preferred by the Caped Crusader.

2. Super Hero Bodies

If you would like your hero of the wasteland looking more like a Rob Liefeld fever dream than the game's sleek vanilla glory, seek out smorris2012's insane mod that ramps up the muscular attributes from "bro, do you even," to "bro, I think you have a problem."

3. Captain America's Uniform

Because who wouldn't want to play out the fantasy that ol' Stevey boy woke up in a nuclear nightmare instead of modern day America? Nukaman's mod replaces already existing bits of armor with the Cap's own red, white and blue styles of swaggery.

4. Iron Man Power Armor

Iron Man power armor is the obvious next choice, and how awesome does it look? In order to get SabreShark's mod running in your game, you'll need a suit of X-01 and the hod rod paint decal you can get by collecting Hot Rodder magazine.

5. The Flash Suit

Yes now you can be Boston's very own Scarlet Speedster with a simple click on the link above. RacistRaccoon's mod replaces your sole survivor's vault suit with the kick ass alloys of Grant Gustin's super speedy superhero.

6. Deadpool

Naturally Wade Wilson's legendary alter ego would have to make an overdue appearance in the wasteland. FGmodule's standalone armor tweak turns AssassinDUDE91's Deadpool into a standalone version of the iconic suit. it can be used by females as well as males, and can be crafted at chem stations, because why not?!

So there you go. Just a handful of awesome superhero flavored mods to go with the pudding that is Fallout 4. Only question is now, what's your favorite flavor?

Are you still wandering the wasteland?


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