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Anujith Anil

Viewers of the flash have been puzzled about the identity of the man in the iron mask since the 13th episode and recently it was revealed that the identity will be kept under wraps till the season finale.So in this article i will be analyzing who it really is .FIRST LET'S DISCUSS what all we already know about the mean from our previous encounters in episodes 13,13 15and 18.He is LOCKED UP IN THE SAME KIND OF CELL THAT barry was locked this also means that he might be a speedster or atleast a meta;s less likely that he;s a sppedster because if he was he would have phased out of the cell just like barry did,or maybe zoom is just keeping him in that kind of cell for extra here are the list of 3 people i think might be under that mask.

1.Eddie thawne from earth 1 /2

It would be really cool and amazing if this ever happend,especially if this is eddie from earth -1,as he sacrificed his life to erase reverse flash from existence.As we saw that he was sucked into the wormhole maybe he was resurected or brought back to life by zoom ,and maybe became a speedster too,or maybe zoom captured him to emotionally blackmail barry and his friends in the end.IT could also be eddie from earth -2 as we see eddie in the call log of earth -2 barry's phone.

2.jay garrick

By this i mean the original jay garrick and not the one we saw till now who faked to be jay garrick.As the person we saw till now was hunter zolomon there has to be a jay garrick and maybe he could be the man in the iron mask and that would also explain why he was tapping jay garrick in the tap code to jesse and barry,to show them that he is the original jay garrick and that would also explain why he was angry and depressed when barry told him that jay garrick was safe and alive in earth-1.Maybe he could also be a speedster or atleast would have been one and that could be the reason why zoom kept him in the same type of cell as barry

3.wally west from earth -2/kid flash

THis can or cannot be true but this can be the kid flash and maybe he may have tried to stop zoom and that's the reason why zoom is keeping him in the cell.

so i think it would be any one of the above mentioned three people .



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