BySam Gutierrez, writer at
MCU and DCEU= Life

Captain America: Civil War is sooo close, and new details are coming out, one which, is a character that was rumored (and I thought it was confirmed) but actually will NOT be in the movie

So SPOILERS, I guess?

The character is.........

Wait no not him... (I'm 100% sure he's in it now, read some spoilers. Thanks youtube)

The REAL character is.....

Pepper Potts. I mean the rumor surfaced like a month ago, and well i guess its not a big deal, but apparently there is an excuse. Just like in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now if you don't know what's been going on with Pepper, last time we saw her (in Iron Man 3) she became a extremis soldier for Aldrich Killian. In the end of Iron Man 3 (hate on it all you want) Tony did cure Pepper, so yeah I was hoping she would still have her powers and even take part in the airport battle. That would have been epic.

What do you think about Pepper not being Civil War? Let me know!


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