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Nikodim Trashkov

Ever since Oculus Mike Flanagan is a horror director to look out for. I was interested to see this movie solely based on it's premise. A deaf and mute woman is tormented by a killer outside her house. I think that is a interesting take on the home invasion sub genre of horror.

A really key element that makes this movie stand out from the rest of the horror movies is the sound design. Since the main character of the movie is deaf sometimes the movie would go silent and you can't hear anything and since the main character is mute you don't have to deal with hearing her scream and blow your ear drums. It's great.

Now I have to bring this up since really it is the only negative in the movie. It is the actions of the main character and another character in the movie. I counted three times when she could have escaped or killed the killer. Three times! I'm not going to say what they are, just keep in mind. Movies have to have good characters and this movie plays up the main character as a smart character but why did she not think to take advantage of those situations and instead do some dumb shit instead, I have no idea. Thank god her actions where no where near as retarded as another character in the movie (refer to the spoiler section if you want to know what it is).

If you don't want any spoilers skip this paragraph but it really fucked my brain up.

Near the end of the film when the killer finally enters the house he pops up in her bathtub. What the fuck, how did he get their? At first I thought is a dream sequence or a vision because this movie has a couple of those but it's not because she stabs him and he is limping when he starts chasing her. He could not have already been in the bathtub because he was still outside while she is hiding there. Does he have superpowers? Can he teleport? Seriously if anyone has an explanation about how he got there please comment below how he got there (If your going to comment please put a spoiler warning). Also when the boyfriend arrives holly balls what a fucking retard. How the hell did he not realize the the killer was not a policeman. I have not been that pissed of at a character like that in quite a while.

It's very well acted. The main actress was great and the killer did a good job to. I did not know who played him and I was quite surprised in the movie when I found out. The directing is great. No bullshit jump scares. All round it's a solid horror/thriller that I think you should watch and the only real downside is some of the main characters actions.



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