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The hugely popular original Max Payne game is apparently the next classic game that will make its way onto the PlayStation 4.

Originally released back in 2001 Max Payne was an instant hit with gamers across the globe. It was revolutionary – never had I seen such an emotive narrative in a video game before and the introduction of the slow motion mechanic blew my tiny little mind.

For me, everything from the gameplay to the story was top class entertainment. I remember feeling like I was the ultimate badass as I dived horizontally from room to room in uber kick ass slow motion.

This all comes as part of Sony’s PS2 -on- PS4 campaign. This initiative takes the best of what the PS2 had to offer and re-imagines it on the PS4. The games that make the cut are refined and upgraded to look and feel at home on the PS4.

So far there have been 21 PS2 games to make the upgrade; Max Payne (possibly the best of them all) will be the 22nd. Max Payne was originally a Remedy Entertainment product but they sold the franchise to Take Two a few years back.

According to the European PlayStation Blog, lucky PS4 owners will be able to get their hands on the original Max Payne as early as April 22. This is still yet to be confirmed by Sony themselves but it is looking pretty likely from the report.

Which Max Payne game was the best?

Source: European Playstation Blog


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