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After the sizzling success of Wade Wilson's solo debut, anticipation for Deadpool 2 is high. Tim Miller recently dropped hints about the movie, promising great things from Cable and assuring fans the sequel will indeed be R-Rated. But that's not all we want to see in Deadpool 2, as there's plenty more to be mined from the merc with the mouth's story. And first on the list has to be...

Team-Up With Wolverine!

After all those references to the Adamantium-enhanced hero in the first movie, we're desperate to see Wade actually team up with his idol in Deadpool 2.

Cover of Deadpool's comic team-up with Wolverine.
Cover of Deadpool's comic team-up with Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman is technically hanging up his claws, but there's a strong chance that he might be tempted to jump back into that catsuit to team up with Deadpool. After all, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have an epic bromance that would translate perfectly to the big screen.

Reynolds actually commented on the chance that he might team up with Wolverine in future, in an interview with AU News.

"God I hope so, that would be really nice. I dunno, we’ll see. It seems like he’s open to it, but it’s gonna be more of a scheduling issue than anything else."

Considering Deadpool and Wolverine's confrontational comic book relationship, this is something we want to see on the big screen.

Deadpool & Wolverine don't always agree.
Deadpool & Wolverine don't always agree.

Oh, and we'd love to get the story behind how Deadpool managed to get his own movie (we hear a clandestine meeting with "Pulverine" was involved).

Vanessa's Mutant Persona

When it was announced that Wade's love interest would be Vanessa Carlysle, many fans (myself included) hoped we'd see her alias, the mutant antihero Copycat, on the big screen. Unfortunately, Vanessa showed no evidence of mutant abilities in the movie.

Copycat in the comics and the movie.
Copycat in the comics and the movie.

So what's the deal with Vanessa? As a shapeshifter, it's entirely possible that she was hiding her mutant abilities all along. Or will she gain her powers thanks to an event in Deadpool 2? Unfortunately, Tim Miller has so far stayed quiet on this, despite being asked directly about Copycat by Collider. Here's hoping we'll get to see anti-hero Copycat kicking all kinds of ass in the sequel.

[Sidenote: how awesome would it have been, when Wade removes his mask and asks if she can still love him, for Vanessa to have changed into her natural form, saying that it's cool because she's been blue this whole time. Just me? Ok.]

Death & Deadpool: Ultimate Fatal Attraction

The Deadpool comics are pretty wild, and one of the weirdest (and best) recurring plotlines is the love affair between Deadpool and Death herself.

Death and Deadpool in the comics.
Death and Deadpool in the comics.

The two are classic star crossed lovers: Wade can see Death when he is very close to dying, but thanks to his healing abilities he is never able to actually be with her. Tragic.

With Wade's romance with his "best girl" Vanessa being the driving force of Deadpool, incorporating Mistress Death into the story could be tricky. On the other hand, you can't top sex scenes with the literal living embodiment of Death.

More From The Supporting Characters

The dynamic between Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Deadpool was so awesome that I would pay all the monies for a three-way bromance road-trip movie with these crazy kids. Not to mention Weasel: the wisecracking bartender plays a bigger role in the comics, with Weasel as something of a genius.

"I don't wanna."
"I don't wanna."

As with so many things about Deadpool, our wishlist for the sequel could basically just be summed up as "more please!" Here's hoping it can live up to our expectations (we're sure it will).

What would you like to see in 'Deadpool 2'? Let us know in the comments!

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