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If you're a comic book fan, you are certainly aware of the upcoming Doctor Strange adaptation starring Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange. This version of one of Marvel's most beloved characters can't come soon enough, as many fans have been waiting for the day when we see a just representation of the character in the MCU. However, did you know that this isn't the first Doctor Strange movie?

In 1978, a TV movie based on the adventures of Dr. Steven Strange brought us the familiar story of a psychiatrist that becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth in order to battle an evil Sorceress from the past.

And now we have an awesome mash-up by Darth Blender!

Due to our excitement about the upcoming movie, we decided it would be fun to mash-up both Doctor Strange movies to create something truly, well, strange. Take a look below:

Relax and enjoy some of the most impressive and psychedelic scenes selected by the Darth Blender team! And that includes a special appearance of David Carradine (from Kung Fu series) as doctor's mentor. Peter Hooten and Jessica Walter led the TV movie (that could have easily been turned into a TV series, but unfortunately that never happened). Whilst they did a great job, it's hard to argue that Benedict Cumberbatch is surely going to be the definitive Steven Strange. Just for fun, here are comparisons of the two central characters.

Steven Strange

The Ancient One

Original Doctor Strange Series/ Darth Blender video
Original Doctor Strange Series/ Darth Blender video

What did you think of this mash-up? Have you seen (or heard of) the original TV movie before? Let us know your thoughts on Doctor Strange in the comments below!

Doctor Strange hits theaters on 4th November, 2016. Watch the trailer below:


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