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So your movie got nominated, but it didn't win it all. Happens every year. Some other movie edged it out to take home the prized Oscar. But you are convinced that had that movie gone up against movies in a different year, different era, that it would have been a run away winner. Maybe your loser from 2007 was just too far ahead of its time for people to really "get it", but today, "no brainer". This is the same conversation held in sports bars across America. "The 72 win Bulls would crush Steph Curry and the Warriors." or maybe you've argued "Muhammad Ali wouldn't have a chance against Iron Mike Tyson in his prime!" The problem is, there is no way to scientifically compare teams, athletes or even movies from different eras. Movies truly are a reflection of where we are as a society. What is important to us in 2016 may or may not have been on our radar in 2007. But!!! It is always fun to debate and talk about.

I'll be honest. When the idea to do this first hit me, I had no clue that the number of movies that have been nominated in the last ten years would afford me with a perfect bracket. Take away the winners and you are left with 72 movies. That is an imperfect number to create a bracket, unless you do "play-in" games like the NCAA March Madness Tournament. So, well I just said screw it and left out 8 movies I've never heard of. Now, I'm no "Academy Award Movie" expert or anything, but I was surprised that I had actually viewed a good chunk of the movies. The next step was to seed the movies. Keep in mind, this is just one guy's opinion. I would really, really, like to have an open forum with as much input as possible and reseed this thing and go again. That would be really cool to see what other people think and it would give a broader spectrum on some of the other movies I've never seen. Next, the tournament started. I will tell you one thing. Round 2 is hard because you are going to come across some good match-ups and you have to make a choice.

So any way, I'm not going to give long drawn out explanations as to why one movie won over the other. Like I said, it's just my opinion and something fun to do and talk about. I will reveal the bracket by round, so that way you can chew on each win and loss with out spoiling the entire bracket in one click! I hope you enjoy! Scroll Slowly so you don't peek too early!

The field of 64

Round of 32

Sweet 16

Elite 8

Final 4

Championship Match-up

Winner 2016 Best Picture (2005-2015) NCAA Style Oscar Tournament

Thanks for reading. Let the arguments begin!!


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