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The long awaited news from the production of ''The Magnificent seven'' remake is out. with a few photo's and trailer on Facebook. As i had mentioned in previous articles the Western Genre has Been making a Steady return to it's Big screen fore runner position in the cinema. probably thanks to the success of film director Quentin Tarantino's ''DJANGO UNCHAINED'' (2012) following behind was ''THE LONE RANGER'' with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer which in my opinion was a disappointment at the Box-office. However Quentin Tarantino followed up his success with Last year (2015) with ''THE HATEFUL EIGHT''

Hollywood film director/producer. Antoine Fuqua has Been Giving action film Fans what they want over the course of his Directing Career. Which he debuted with an all out action film titled ''THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS''

A film back in (1998) starring chow yun-fat who also made his debut in Hollywood action films.

Antoine Fuqua films have familiar theme's action and intense Drama. which he brought to his successful film to Date.

''TRAINING DAY'' starring Denzel washington and Ethan Hawke this film proved that Antoine was a new Generation of film directors on the rise. with other films credits like ''THE SHOOTER'' (2007) ''OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN'' (2013) ''THE EQUALIZER'' (2014) i can't see him going wrong with this remake film ''the magnificent seven''

Fans will see Denzel washington teaming up again with ''training day'' co-star Ethan Hawke. and an all star supporting cast. and a september 2016 release date.


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