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The very first story trailer for Mafia 3 has just dropped and it looks brilliant. This latest game to come out of Hangar 13 looks to take the world by storm with its Oscar worthy cinematic!

Mafia 3 will be the most ambitious game of the franchise set in 1968 we follow the story of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who returns home to find his home town in societal ruin. The city of New Orleans ( New Bordeux) has been taken over by the Italian mob and it is up to Clay to tear the family apart.

The trailer is straight out of Hollywood, this is one of those games that we can categorically guarantee will not be short of gratuitous violence. Expect to see baseball bats, thumb screws and a lot of Italian mob lingo.


So what do we know about the game?

1. It is a story that focuses on what I guess we can call an anti-hero. Lincoln Clay is a mobster, raised by the mob for the mob – upon his return from duty he finds that his town has been taken over – it is the player’s job to take down the syndicates and rebuild the criminal underworld as we see fit.

2. It will be the first open world Mafia game. The developers want the players to be the co-author in the game - players will be able to navigate the world as they see fit. The aim to allow for players to pick and choose what jobs or even hits they feel are more urgent.

"We have that tag line for Hanger 13, that every player's story is unique. That's definitely something we want to try and push for everything that we do." - creative director Haden Blackman told GameSpot

3. Mafia 3 will be the first game in the series to star an orphaned, biracial protagonist in a game that is set in the deep south during a time of some racial unrest. This was something the developers were very keen on addressing.

4. The game will still retain its core values – there will still be many an awesome cinematic (maybe even more so this time around).

“There is a very strong narrative that is pulling you through, and everything that you do feeds back into that narrative. I think our media team is doing a fantastic job. The cinematics are coming together really well."

5. The game will be framed like a documentary that follows the life of the protagonist, Lincoln Clay. This will play out in a similar way to a court room drama – a character that goes by the name of Jon Donovan will be sat in a courtroom recounting the activities of our protagonist. So, between big missions we will see and hear Jon outline some back-story which will then flashback into the game where we play out the event that he recounts. Sounds awesome!

6. The gameplay area of New Orleans referred to in the game as New Bordeaux will consist of nine districts; each district differs greatly from that of the ones that neighbour it. Each district will have its own distinct look and feel. The player must explore and ultimately take control of all the districts.

7. The player will get rich from the syndicates he overthrows. With each criminal ring you take charge of the richer you will become – the player earns money through cuts of illegal business. You will encounter many an ill gotten gain but as long as your conscience is clean...

8. We will have three main characters that will work with us to overthrow the mob. The mysterious Haitian gang leader Cassandra, Irishman Burke, and Vito the well known protagonist of Mafia 2. Players will be able to decide which one of the three they will hand over management of a particular district to. Each character will provide that district with different qualities – just as an example, one can earn you more money, one can get you better guns, and the other can get you cheaper rides etc.

9. Wiretapping will allow for a more in depth minimap – by tapping your enemies phones Lincoln will be able to locate and monitor the syndicate leaders as they go about their barbaric business.

10. Players will have two choices when interrogating people – kill them or make them work for you. Obviously making them world for you offers many monetary returns but the developers have crafted some incredibly juicy murder cinematics – the choice is yours.

11. The missions are all open ended and can be approached in a number of ways. All guns blazing through the front door or paying off a driver to drop the bad guys straight to your doorstep. So many choices.

12. Your game will most likely differ from that of your friends. Each mission has a multiple gameplay avenues and the outcome will depend entirely on which approach you take. You will also be presented with sets of questions to ask your in game characters and depending on which of these you choose influences the game progression.

13. This will be a real drivers game – the cars will handle like the real deal. Muscle cars in Mafia 3 will be loud and very tale happy – enjoy.

14. You will recognise the music. The game is loaded with licensed tracks and songs that were popular during the time. From the Rolling stones to the The Animals Mafia 3 has it all.

"1968 was such an interesting time on so many levels, and it all comes out in the music, the kind of crush of cultures and philosophies and ideals all comes out in the music," Blackman explained. "You’ve got that pop thing going on, the crooner still going on, you’ve got RnB really exploding, then you’ve got the hard rock stuff and the British invasion. It’s all colliding at this time and everybody is stealing from each other in terms of musical ideas and the music starts to really evolve rapidly. For us, it was important we have that wide swipe of music."

Mafia 3 is certainly shaping up to one incredible looking title. The developers have assured us that there is still lots to learn and that we haven’t even see the half of it yet! Hangar 13 – bring it on!

Are you excited about this game? Will you be getting involved?

Source: Gamespot


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