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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) opens in Europe next week, and perhaps it's only appropriate that Dr. Helmut Zero, the twelfth Baron Zemo, leading Nazi scientist, cunning strategist and legit sociopath, is finally getting showcased in a new trailer airing on German TV.

The enigmatic villain, played by German legend Daniel Brühl, has been shrewdly kept under wraps by Marvel so far, but today's new TV spot gives us our first proper glimpse at the Big Bad — but don't expect to find too many clues nested in these 20 seconds of footage. This is Marvel we're talking about.

Check out the TV spot below.

Establishing shots indicate that the bulk of the action in this one takes place in Berlin — that's the famous Victory Column, one of the city's famous landmarks, in the second shot of the trailer.

As a bomb goes off in a very public arena, Captain and Black Widow speak on the phone, and the good Baron himself is briefly spotted in what looks like the check-in queue at an airport. This film does like its airports.

Other footage is mostly recycled from previous TV spots — all 516 of them — but we do see Zemo bathed in red light, which looks suitably menacing.

Civil War hits on May 5 in the US and a week earlier for those lucky Europeans.

Will Baron Zemo be Marvel's most ruthless villain to date?


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