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In less than a month you'll finally be able to own the glory that is Deadpool. On May 10, the Blu-ray and DVD will be released, and in addition to seeing Ryan Reynolds don the red latex suit, we'll also get to see a variety of fun special features.

The movie's Blu-ray special features have been edited to include the character's notes in red ink. And, in true Deadpool fashion, they're not exactly PG. After all, it wouldn't be Deadpool without a few references to his genitals.

Each copy will include audio commentary from Reynolds, director Tim Miller, comic co-creator Rob Liefeld, and writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, as well as deleted scenes, a gag real, galleries, Deadpool's fun sack (whatever that means), and more!

If the movie was any indication, I bet the extras will be a foulmouthed and fourth-wall-breaking rollicking good time. I can't wait to go deep into these special features (if you know what I mean).

Be sure to pick up your copy of 'Deadpool' on May 10. You know you want it.


How many times did you see 'Deadpool' in theaters?

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