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Shane Black gave us Iron Man 3 and Lethal Weapon, and it looks like he's about to give us another robust comedy! Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling stars in The Nice Guys. It's about sorta loser-ish detective Holland March (Ryan Gosling) teaming up with Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) an enforcer -- to find who-dun-it in a missing person case. It set in a retro-tone and looks amazing! Check out these three Webisodes co-starring The Big Bang's Melissa Raunch:

This makes me want to see the movie a whole hell-of-a-lot more now! Gosling nails the comedic tone and Russel kinda seems like he's not really acting. Each clip dives into the couples problems and just as soon as you think progress: Russell just rips your heart our. Just kidding: I think this a great marketing and I'll be honest -- I might be in love Ryan Gosling now!

Shane Black is set to write and direct this picture and he's also attached with the new Predator movie as well. I'm excited for this movie and I'm curious what you have to say as well!


The Nice Guys opens in U.S. theaters on May 20, 2016.

Source: ComingSoon


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