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Announcing a loss of $4.23 million dollars, Wizard World conventions have had a big turnaround from the 2014 fiscal year when they showed a gain of $1 million has had a huge dip in profit . Also, an announced debut of a Wizard World con in Orlando , Florida was cancelled and rescheduled for 2017, with no explanation given .

As per their investors relations page , they have had a drop in worth of 40.89% from 10/19/15 to 04/19/16. Also as reported November 2015, Cinedigm Corp. , now owns 85% of Wizard World's Roku and web based streaming service, ConTV.

Lego statues at Wizard World Austin
Lego statues at Wizard World Austin

Along with the financial troubles of this comic/pop culture/sci fi convention chain, other issues over the the past several years have been cited as problems with these shows. Issues such as making non-profit fan and charity organizations pay for tables, (something other major cons don't do), the high price of con tickets and the treatment of independent and small press artists at the shows. Also, the alleged predatory practices to shut out or shut down small shows or outright buy shows in local areas to control the comic conventions in a given region were also looked at in dismay by some fans

Expressing his dismay of how the conventions have change over the past several years one fan had this to say, " Wizard World used to be a magical place to escape, now it has devolved into a group of Gollum's coveting the dollar."

"Originally the cons in New Orleans and Austin were fun and crazy, impromptu parades, superhero hi-jinks, and all kinds of fan friendly fun. Now you go in and the first thing you run into are vendors for the show, including the one selling Wizard World merchandise, and their stock symbol on every stupid booth they have at the show", said another con-goer, "it's like all of the life was sucked out of it."

Although the company has reported these losses, they have investments in both a podcast service called ConRadio, and a subscription merchandise box service called Comic Con Box, and are planning their first ever Wizard World comic con cruise on December 2-5, 2016.

If Wizard World continues to have issues in a saturated comic con market, then perhaps other convention chains should learn to be aware of what the fans, artists, and guests really want out of their shows.


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