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We grow used to characters that are near and dear to our heroes and with a sense of taking them for granted whenever a new film is produced as a sequel. In the world of Marvel, we have come to understand that minor characters reprise their roles in successive films even if movie time is being wasted. That does not appear to be the case with Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts character, as she misses out on Captain America: Civil War according to an article on The Wrap. It does appear that screen time is precious and reserved for those who really need it, but why do I get the feeling Pepper Potts should have seen the Civil War? Read on.

Pepper Potts literally saved Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. She was forcefully injected with the power of super strength and speed from the Extremis virus and used that power to fight for Tony Stark to save him and kill Killian. If lovers standing up for each other and helping each other in times of crisis to the point where they are ready to fight for them literally does not deserve some mention and definite screen time, then that will not score positively with some fans. It makes for great drama. Fans will miss this.

Take Pepper out of the movie, and you literally feel that emptiness when Stark refers to her consistently throughout the movie. The same article on The Wrap gives us a spoiler about Starks' reference regarding Pepper throughout the movie. That feeling of emptiness could have been avoided had she made a small cameo throughout the movie but now that it has been confirmed that she would not be in it, it seems that Stark mentioning her name like he did in The Avengers: Age of Ultron would only make fans feel her absence more.

Pepper portrayed a woman with strong mental support for Tony Stark. This form of mental support comes in the form of giving him advice when in dire situations, or when he is feeling down in the dumps. This sort of behavior from a supporting character that helps lay a strong foundation for a major character will be sorely missed. Sure, she is busy running Stark Industries and can be easily written-off script, but it would surely have been nice if she had a few minutes of screen time to share one of those golden moments with Stark, preferably the hilarious arguments with each other.

Unless she is somehow miraculously brought back in Thor: Ragnarok, there might be a long wait till 2018 for the next Marvel movie when Avengers: Infinity War comes out as the next time we might get a chance to see her. In any case, Pepper Potts has given us some enjoyable moments through the four films she has been on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she will remain in our hearts as one of the memorable side characters Marvel has dished out in the silver screen. Still, we would like to see Ms. Potts beside the quirky Tony Stark once again.


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