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Many Canadian Netflix users are furious this Wednesday as Netflix has apparently blocked access for customers using unauthorized services to view the more plentiful American content library. Data from Netflixable suggests that Canadian customers can access a library of about 4,000 films and TV shows, while American customers have access to over 7,000. To access the U.S. content, Canadian customers have been utilizing VPNs, proxies, and unblocking services, to trick the Netflix system into believing they were in a different country (the United States).

Apparently, Netflix had promised to crack down on these Canadian content rebels back in January (read more), and over the weekend, it appears that Netflix stepped up their enforcement on this issue. We took to Twitter to see if this supposed 'Canadian anger' was a real thing or merely a myth and here is what we found:

netflix canada's content is so crappy that I spend more time looking for stuff to watch

- @wsusanv

Canada should just become apart of the United States so I can get American Netflix

- @ChrisJ_Godwin

Canadian netflix is so awful. Literally only 33 movies under classics. I miss my American Netflix

- @sophiaphotos

So it seems, the anger is real in Canada. They want their content and they want it now, and really who can blame them. I was unaware of the very limited Canadian Netflix library before now, but it seems ridiculous. Can you really blame the Canadians for wanting the same content as their American neighbors?

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