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I still remember when the Deadpool test footage first leaked, Geeks all over the world were having a meltdown no one knew if it was happening or not, If I remember correctly it was put to bed soon after, Fox issued it saying it was test footage for a movie that wasn't getting made but the fans had other ideas including one very special fan Ryan Reynolds himself!

Petitions were coming up left right and center it's all people could talk about for weeks until finally Fox caved in (With Reynolds help) it was to be low budget as the studio saw it as a massive risk but it didn't need to be a million dollar blockbuster all that was needed was a good suit (Definitely not green or animated) some passionate actors and directors, Tim Miller was a fantastic choice and Ryan Reynolds was never not going to play Deadpool because that man IS Deadpool, the rest of the cast did a fantastic job in end aswell.

The smartest thing about this movie though was the marketing campaign, Deadpool went from a reasonably unknown cult comic book character to an A-List superhero who everyone adored! You couldn't scroll Facebook without seeing a different deadpool Meme every 5 or 6 posts, The Hype Was Real!!!


To start off with I'll get the things I usually forget about out of the way, The Music for the movie was on point! It was lit to say the least CGI was clean, costume design was baller as fu** and the casting was perfect!

Ok so the plot is a simple affair it's a coherent origin story based around love and revenge! When the movie starts you are given Deadpool full on in costume on a revenge mission and as that progresses he will occasionally talk to the audience triggering flashbacks to before he squeezed his ass into tight spandex! This plot device was perfect it never felt like it was dragging or annoying Wade Wilson pre deadpool is still just as charming and hilarious as he is post deadpool, during the flashbacks he is telling the story of how he fell in love with the beautiful Vanessa and how he ended up where he was now.

Let me explain something aswell, the love story with Vanessa doesn't feel shoe horned in like it's just there to give him an origin or to give him a reason to be angry you genuinely believe in that relationship and when it ends I genuinely felt heartbroken for them.

The Characters in Deadpool that aren't Deadpool are amazing! He doesn't steal the show, every single character in the movie pulls their weight I honestly can't think of a single performance I didn't enjoy. The Villain of the movie Ajax (Francis) has zero personality at all but the gimmick of his character is he doesn't feel so he's just a bastard! Colossus and Nega Teenage Warhead are brilliant! The way the two of them and Deadpool bounce off each other is perfect for comedic effect, I'm gonna end it there and not talk about every single character but they all do amazing jobs!

I'm now sat here thinking of some way to add at least one negative and honestly I don't think I can, this movie changed the game!

I really feel sorry for them now because Deadpool 2 is definitely happening and they need to top that masterpiece somehow and if they do I'll be one happy fan!


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