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You may remember a little old article that I wrote last month about Grant Gustin landing a major role in upcoming independent film Krystal. You do? Cool! Well, a little less than a month later and production is already underway. The cast and crew have gathered in Atlanta and are ready to bring Krystal to life. Felicity Huffman recently tweeted this awesome photo of director William H. Macy and star Grant Gustin on set for Day 1 of production:

Things seems to be moving rather quickly and this has just increased the suspense for the highly-anticipated indie film. I do keep up to date in the film world, and yes, we live in an age where some indie gems end up being far superior to many Hollywood blockbusters. And I'm really excited for Krystal as I really feel that it has the potential to be one of those gems, I believe this for many reasons. For starters, it sounds like a really interesting, compelling, character piece. According to Deadline, the Will Aldis penned Krystal is "about a young man who has a heart condition which preludes him from going to college or playing sports or falling in love. Into his life comes Krystal. An ex-heroin addict, alcoholic, hooker, you name it. She's on the run and she's got a son and it becomes this unlikely love affair which of course never works out." I don't really need to justify anything here, the synopsis speaks for itself. This sounds less like a typical love story and more like a complicated family drama. Complicated characters are great characters!

Now, perhaps the main reason to be excited: the cast! Just look at the cast. I'm not just saying that. Look at it. It has a really star-studded cast. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen an Independent film literally swarmed with star-power like this one.

Just look at that cast! And it's not just star-power, the cast is full of genuinely great actors. You have a TV/Film legend like William H. Macy, not only directing, but co-starring in it. Macy has a vast amount of roles to his name: perhaps most notably Fargo and as Frank Gallagher in the US adaptation of Shameless. I enjoyed his performance in Jurassic Park III. Krystal will be his third film serving as a director. He will co-star in the film, alongside his equally as accomplished wife, Felicity Huffman, who has garnered critical acclaim for her performance in American Crime. As well as that, you have Rosario Dawson playing the titular role of Krystal - yet another great actress who always delivers strong performances. I particularly enjoyed her performances in Rent, Unstoppable and my favorite, Claire Temple in Daredevil. I think it's safe to say that she will do great things with the role of Krystal. Then, you have the legendary Emmy/Oscar winner Kathy Bates in the role of Vera. Now, I have watched a lot of Bates' work and quite frankly, the woman can excel at just about any role she is in (she was spectacular in American Horror Story) and I look forward to seeing yet another great performance from her. Furthermore, Krystal features another TV/film veteran who always delivers in William Fitchner who was outstanding as the troubled FBI agent Mahone in Prison Break.

Then to top it all off, you have two of the brightest young stars in the business in major roles: Grant Gustin and Nick Robinson starring. Now, I've made it no secret before that Gustin and Robinson are two of my favorite young actors at the moment. Gustin has done incredible things as TV's scarlet speedster The Flash and is an all round talented guy - literally the whole package (watch Glee, then you'll know what I mean). While Robinson made 'waves' in Hollywood, starring in mega-smash Jurassic World and alien thriller The 5th Wave. Both actors are no strangers to Independent films either, with Robinson getting his first big movie break in 2013's The Kings of Summer as well as starring in next month's Being Charlie while Gustin starred in the Great Gatsby-esque Affluenza in 2014.

There have been differing reports over whether Gustin or Robinson will be playing the young man in question, but let's be honest, either one is well capable of doing so. These two always deliver solid, strong and powerful performances and I really hope they have some great scenes together. And if recent set photos are anything to go by, it looks like that may indeed be the case.

On set: Gustin & Robinson (Credit: Atlanta Filming)
On set: Gustin & Robinson (Credit: Atlanta Filming)

So with a strong plot, a star-studded cast, prompt production and a legendary film icon steering the ship, I think it's safe to say that Krystal is shaping up to be a project that is defnitely worth getting excited over! I, for one, will be keeping a lookout for more updates on the film and will be eager to share them with you as they become available! It certainly looks like they are having one hell of a time filming!

All smiles: The Cast of Krystal
All smiles: The Cast of Krystal

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the hugely talented cast and crew of Krystal the very best of luck for filming! I will be eagerly anticipating the finished project!

CREDIT for the On-Set Photos of Grant and Nick: Atlanta Filming

(Be sure to check out Atlanta Filming's twitter page for more exclusive set photos of Krystal)


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