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MCU and DCEU= Life

I'm going to write a lot of these posts, aren't I? Another (yes another) TV spot has been released on's youtube channel, and wow, it is intense!

In this TV spot, the most heartbreaking moment is when Iron Man says "Caps dangerous, we have to bring him in" oh the feels...

We get a shot at the beginning with the Quinjet landing into a mysterious setting, and a new shot of General Ross. We get the convo between Cap and Ant-Man and Cap saying to his team "suit up." Oh, would Barney Stinson be proud.

Suit Up!
Suit Up!

Finally we have Team Iron Man confronting Team Cap and Black Widow sarcastically saying "well this is going to end well."

And finally, the two teams collide, and we see the match ups- Cap vs Iron Man, Falcon vs War Machine, Vision vs Scarlet Witch (I'm guessing) Black Widow vs Ant-Man (is that a fair fight) and Hawkeye vs..... no one. haha jk he probably is fighting Spider-Man, as he grabs an arrow, they probably just CGI-ed him out of the shot.

What do you think of the new TV Spot? Hopefully this is the last one!


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