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If DC and Marvel ever do crossover movie, it'll probably signal the end of humanity as we know it. Because let's face it, it's so unlikely, it should be right there in the book of Revelations, right after the seventh seal gets ripped open.

But what strange and wonderful crossovers in the comics have happened? Not counting Superman/Batman, Spider-man/Batman or Superman/Spider-man, but more of the comics and real life getting mashed together. Or DC/Marvel comics and some other comic characters that you normally wouldn't see teaming up or fighting with your usual super-powered characters.

You see, there is a fifth wall beyond the fourth, which is known to only be broken by Deadpool. It is a wall as timeless as Rick Grimes. It is the terror that flaps in the night. It is the raspberry seed you can't floss out. It is...

Well, it's a list, and it starts now!

The Punisher/Eminem

Even though Frank was only around Eminem to save him from Barracuda, Eminem thinks, just because he shot his bodyguards, that the Punisher is there to kill him. So, Marshall beats him with a gun and shoots him in the chest. It ends with Eminem taking a chainsaw to Barracuda, and him and Frank parting ways.

Eminem had some say in the story, if you hadn't figured that out.


Speaking of religious...stuff, this one probably ticked quite a few people off. Without getting too far into this crazy, wacky story, basically, some Greek gods stop by Jesus' crucifixion and talk smack on him. So, obviously, Jesus comes down off the cross and whups their toga covered asses.

Jesus kicks everybody's butts, including Hercules:

But the story ends before we know who wins between Jesus and Zeus. Of course, it was a dream sequence. Of course.

Jay Leno/Spider-man, SNL Cast/Spider-man, & Avengers/David Letterman

Apparently, Jay Leno had ninja skills, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Bill Murray and others are capable of helping defeat the Silver Samurai, and David Letterman could wield a huge doorknob with the best of them, and he defeats the Mechano-Marauder after the villain-ish villain was able to thwart the Avenger's.

X-Men/Star Trek

This one had to be pretty cool, actually. Two 50-page comic books and 300-page novel later, and it was pretty obvious that the readers liked it. The best moment came when Spock takes down Wolverine with a little pinch-

Guiding Light/Spider-man & Iron Man

This crossover is something that should have happened on Earth-616, not Earth-whatever # we're living on. And it wasn't enough to have it as an actual episode on actual television, but they decided to make a follow-up in comic book form.

If you want to experience this in all its glory, here ya go:

Superman/Muhammad Ali, Predator, Aliens, Thundercats, He-Man, Orsen Welles, Lucille Ball, Pat Boone, & The Quik Bunny (and Jerry Lewis, to be covered next)

Holy kryptocrap, Superman!

Jerry Lewis/Superman, Flash, Batman & Robin, & Wonder Woman

Why does Jerry insist on wearing the heroes' costumes??

Spider-man/Ren & Stimpy

Powdered Toast Man didn't stand a chance!

Wonder Woman/Scooby Doo

Superman and Batman were busy, so she called on The Gang to vanquish those monsters!


Something about a drug dealer named Red who looks just like Archie, a kidnapped Veronica, and an ending joke that suggests a crossover between Jughead and Wolverine!

KISS/Doctor Doom

Kiss has been everywhere, don't you know? And the Marvel Universe isn't safe, either, as they once appeared there and had to fight Doom.


This came about in 1970, when the rumors about Paul being dead were at their peak. So, of course Batman and Robin are on the case! Thanks to those pesky copyright laws, The Beatles were actually renamed Glennan, Saul, Hal and Benji, and sang “Pink Submarine.”


I think I got 'em all....did I miss any not-so-epic crossovers?


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