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So I was watching [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) again the other day, and I noticed something that no one else seems to have pointed out; I have come to the conclusion that the Empire is in multiple divisions, the First Order only being a single branch. Allow me to explain based on 2 simple questions- where are the other Knights of Ren, and why would the remnants of the Empire call themselves the First Order?

Finn's Quote

Remember when Finn and Poe escaped? (THAT WAS SO FRICKIN' AWESOME I MEAN HOW WOULD YOU NOT REMEMBER THAT IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST SCENES IN TH-ok off topic) Well, think about what he said to the stormtrooper who was guarding Poe;

"Ren wants the prisoner"

Now, this may not seem like such an important line, but think about the Knights of Ren. We know they exist because Rey sees them in her vision, and Snoke even calls Kylo Ren the "Master of the Knights of Ren."

Think about this; Finn didn't say, "Kylo wants the prisoner." He called him Ren, which we now know is a title. We know Kylo is part of the Knights of Ren, so Finn saying "Ren" could refer to any of them. Why would he call him Ren instead of specifying? Because Kylo Ren is the only Knight of Ren in the First Order.

Now before you throw me into a trash compactor, let me explain.

The Name: The FIRST Order

We know the First Order was born out of the ashes of the Empire; so why would they be called The First Order? Why not the New Empire or something? Why use the word First? What if it was because there was more than one Order?

What if The First Order is one of many divisions of the shattered Empire? What if there's a Second Order, Third Order, Fourth Order, etc? Perhaps after the Empire was destroyed, there was a power struggle; different parts of the Empire trying to seize control, only to eventually come together - the same way various Rebel cells merged into the Rebel Alliance.

Maybe in Episode VIII, the Resistance will destroy the First Order (save for at least Kylo and Snoke, and maybe Phasma and Hux so they could also be in Episode IX) only to have their happiness cut short with the discoveries of the other Orders. But then, what about the other Knights of Ren? After all, they only show up briefly in Rey's vision, and are alluded to by Snoke; other than that, they're not really a part of the film.

I think they're each assigned to an Order; think about it. Kylo Ren the Master of the Knights of Ren, and accompanies The First Order; maybe another Knight was in charge of the Second Order, another in the Third Order, and so on.

The only time we ever see the Knights all together at this point (or at all, for that matter) is during Rey's Vision, when she sees Luke's slaughtered Jedi apprentices. Perhaps they accomplished this together as their first show of power. Maybe after killing all the padawans, the Knights eventually separated into their different Orders.

I have a few questions about this, however. The biggest is Snoke and whether he is in charge of the First Order or the overseeing eye for each Order. Could it be that individuals similar to Snoke in charge of the others, or is Snoke in charge of every Order? And how many are there? This would probably depend on how many Knights of Ren there are...

How many people in the First Order know about this? If this theory is true, Kylo Ren definitely is aware of the other Orders, as is Snoke, and Hux probably is as well, seeing as he's one of only two First Order leaders in direct communication with Snoke; obviously he's important, or he wouldn't have given that speech. Does Phasma know about the others? Do the regular stormtroopers know, AKA can Finn tell the Resistance the Order's secrets the way he did with Starkiller Base? And on the other side, does Leia know? She organized the Resistance since the Republic wouldn't take the First Order seriously, so maybe she knows about the others?

I guess we'll wait and see.

Let me know what you think in the comments: is this plausible, or not really? What do you think could happen if there's multiple Orders?


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