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*Warning: potential spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' universe ahead!*

A few years ago, our world was rocked when this little comic was introduced:

Well, in Issue # 3, we got this backstory from Lori:

Raise your hand if you knew Rick had a brother named Jeff, even if you're a comic reader.

I do NOT have my hand up!

To my knowledge, nothing's been said about Jeff and his friend Claudia in The Walking Dead TV show universe, either. This could get interesting!

Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin are the creators of The Walking Dead: The Alien, and here's what Robert Kirkman had to say about it:

"It's real. It matters...."

Woo! Does that mean we could meet Jeff or Claudia someday?

'The Walking Dead: The Alien'

A suit of armor? Iron Grimes!
A suit of armor? Iron Grimes!

The one-shot comic follows Jeff and the armor wearing, moped driving woman who rescued him, Claudia, in Barcelona, Spain. About half way through, it's very heavily alluded to that Jeff is Rick's brother, referring to him as Richie. Even though from the comic above, we see Rick definitely has a brother named Jeff out there somewhere.

He talks about his policeman brother being in a coma after being shot in a shootout, and talks about Carl when he mentions seeing a young boy killed by zombies, a boy who couldn't have been much older than his nephew.

In the comic, Jeff has been bitten, but if he survives (ain't telling you if he does or not), the comics will have handless Rick, eyeless Carl, and legless Jeff!

If you want to read the full The Walking Dead: The Alien yourself, go to Panel Syndicate's website, and download it for — get this — you can name your price to support the artists!

Pretty cool stuff from TWD!

What do you think? Would you like to see Rick's long-lost brother come hobbling across your TV screen?


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