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We finally got to see something concrete from the upcoming Power Rangers film on April 19th thanks to People Magazine. They dropped a bombshell introducing Elizabeth Banks’s rendition of Rita Repulsa. This take on Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) looks both sexy and repulsive, but ready for war. Banks version appears smoother, sleek, seductive, edgy and less cartoonish compared to the series version. I must admit this new refreshing take isn’t like anything I expected, but as a fan I love it. Here is why I think this look tells a bigger tale. Below are some set images thanks to

Looking at the colors and design I say good job on the new look, it's compelling to say the least. I think there is a little more to the look than meets the eye.

Could This New Look Mean Something More?

The modernized look is perfectly suited for today’s loud wildly colorful technological advanced world. The picture depicts Rita as grubby battle tested warrior. This fits directly with rumors of Zordon being the original Red Ranger hinting that maybe Rita was one of the warriors he was battling, as the Green Ranger?

Staying True to the Core

If the movie(s) is looking to stay true to the core this may be a big hint at Rita’s command over the Dragon Power Coin. In the series this Power Coin was given to Tommy Oliver to house the power of the Dragonzord. Oliver was a pretty big antagonist and thorn in the Rangers side during the first season run. Equipped with Dragon Dagger and shield, Rita empowered and controlled the teenager Tommy Oliver to do her bidding. Having Rita and Goldar (possibly Scorpina) being the main antagonist for the first movie is great, but there needs to be a follow-up. This is something that could greatly intensify the anticipation for a sequel should this movie be a box office success.

Imagining a MMPR Sequel

The sequel could further explore the origins of the series by introducing Tommy Oliver as the main antagonist. The opening would feature Rita Repulsa gitty over her recent acquisition of the Green Power coin. Unable to inhabit its abilities (due to her age) she seeks out the perfect teenage specimen who'd finally give her a victory over the pesky Rangers.

The Rangers have become entrenched in their heroic duties. They are the talk of the world and their popularity had grown far behind Angel Grove. Zordon sensing a new greater threat calls upon his Rangers. He explains that Rita has found a great power source, the Green Dragon Coin and is looking for someone to inhabit its powers. He explains that Rita needs a teenage host to harness the powers of the Dragonzord.

Tommy Oliver, a mysterious teenager arrives in Angel Grove looking for yet another place to call to home. The quiet, yet charismatic social outcast becomes a target of Rita Repulsa whose plans had been continually foiled by the Power Rangers. One night after returning from work Tommy is kidnapped by Rita's goons and brought to her. Once in her presence she explores the mind of Tommy exploiting the tragic past he had overcome. Using her magic Rita takes control over Tommy's mind making him her slave and granted him the powers of the Dragon.

Tommy is introduced during a new sponsored Angel Grove MMA tournament (Rita's plan). Jason, Zack and a reluctant Billy enters the contest. The Rangers fly through the competition with the exception of Billy who won with a little luck. Zack and Jason are looking forward to meeting one another in the finals. However, there is another fighter, Tommy Oliver whose been absolutely destroying the other fighters. After winning his last match Billy and Tommy are slotted to take one another. The next day Tommy Oliver arrives at Angel Grove High as new student. Kimberly is assigned to be his guide (also Rita's plan).

Jason sensing something off about the new comer warns the others. To no avail, everyone else thinks it's Jason's naturally suspicious attitude leading him especially Kimberly. Meanwhile some trouble outside of school has stirred up. An ancient mystical artifact had been stolen by Rita and her team. When the Rangers get the call they run into Goldar and puddies. Soon within the fight Goldar concedes. While backing down he laughs as Jason boast about his defeat warming him to just surrender. Goldar laughs before being joined by person dressed in a green Power Ranger suite. This mysterious Green Rangers along with Goldar attacks the heroes the battle leads to standstill. Rita sensing the Green Ranger powers aren't fully activated calls Goldar and the Green Ranger back to headquarters.

Defeated both mentally and physically the Rangers struggle to regroup. Zordon tells them that they must intensify their training. He warns that, that was one of two artifacts Rita needed to complete the Dragonzord, a Zord more powerful than any other Zord. A few days had passed since the attack the Rangers especially Jason waited anxiously for a second chance at the Green Ranger. Meanwhile the next round of the tournament has gotten underway and once again Zach and Jason advance. The team gathered around as the least experienced fighter of the group is set to take on Tommy. When the bell rings Tommy beats Billy clean and convincingly even shaking his hand in defeat. This earned the respect of Jason and admiration for Kimberley. Jason even got Tommy a job working at the auto shop. There was a month break giving the time for the fighters time to heal up.

With ever thing going great Rita takes the next step. She instructs Tommy to make a statement during the fight against Zack. No longer was she willing to hide the mystery of Tommy Oliver. She'd gotten into the Rangers heads, Tommy had gotten into their hearts. Now it was time to take it a step further. If Tommy destroys Zack then the Rangers are sure to take notice. The semi-finals had gotten underway and once again Jason proved to be the victor. Tommy and Zack the two fighters duked it for two rounds. Rita watched as Tommy toyed with Zack both in admiration and concern. She still did not have full control over the strong willed teenager. Rita wasn't happen so she pushed further into Tommy's mind sending him into a rage. He absolutely destroys Zack leaving him battered and bleeding before immediately exiting the cage. This event takes the story to a different arch, but you get the picture. I wrote all to ask you one question.

Could this green look signify something more for Rita? Let me know if you think there is more to this then meets the eye?


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