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In a stunning series of tweets early on 4/20, Jonathan Torrens aka J-Roc, the beloved white rapper from the popular Canadian Netflix mockumentary 'Trailer Park Boys,' announced that he would not be returning to the show for any additional seasons. J-Roc's role was largely overshadowed in season 10 with the addition of Snoop Dogg, Tom Arnold, and Doug Benson for most of the season, however it is unlikely that this had any impact on Torrens' decision to leave the show. Based on his tweets, it appears that he has no ill-will towards the show, and simply wishes to move on after ten years on one show, which is understandable.

Here are Jonathan Torrens' (@TorrensJonathan) four tweets from early Wednesday announcing that he would not be returning to the show:

We're sorry to see you go J-Roc, but we wish you the best. Nomesayin?

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4/22 Edit:

Just over an hour ago, a petition was started on to "Get J-Roc Back on Trailer Park Boys. KnowImSayin?" - it already has over one hundred signatures. You can sign the petition here.


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