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If you ask a hundred average Joes - or Joannes (comic books are for everyone, y'all!) - which superhero movie they're most stoked for, the majority will probably go with [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). The DC fans who would rather die than admit they're excited for a Marvel movie will likely side with Suicide Squad. But the remaining handful might tell you that they're holding out for a certain band of mutants...

Yup, with five weeks to go until it hits theatres, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) is still the Summer's dark horse blockbuster, but that may be about to change with the arrival of a new trailer set to drop alongside the release of Civil War.

ScreenRant reports that the British Board of Film Classification have just approved a new, two-and-a-half minute trailer for Apocalypse, with the third and final full-length trailer likely to hit imminently.

Although both previous trailers have been somewhere between very good and seriously bloody good, this needs to be the one that sells the living shit out of Bryan Singer's new and upgraded X-Men adventure if audiences are going to make it a hit on a par with Days of Future Past.

So, let's round-up five clues, questions and character moments we should expect from the all-important new trailer. Potential spoilers ahead, obviously.

1. What happened to Magneto?

In both First Class and Future Past, the clashing ideologies of Professor X and Magneto, two old friends unable to align their core beliefs, put mutantkind in danger. But as Apocalypse begins, Erik Lehnsherr is living a low-key life as a factory worker in Poland. What happened to Magneto to drive him into the shadows?

Was it simply exhaustion? If that's the case, how does Apocalypse persuade or manipulate him into putting the helmet back on and fighting for his cause? It seems Magneto is psychologically broken, which makes him potentially a very dangerous enemy when allied with the most powerful mutant in history...

2. Jean Grey's romance with Cyclops

Entertainment Weekly just unveiled this exclusive image of Jean Grey helping Scott Summers channel his optic laser beams in the direction of an unseen target.

This movie is huge for Jean Grey, not least because there's a very real possibility that all of the mistakes made with the character in the original trilogy could be rectified here. And damn, Sophie Turner was born to play this role!

Will Jean Grey and Cyclops prove a match made in heaven... or hell?
Will Jean Grey and Cyclops prove a match made in heaven... or hell?

Speaking to EW, Bryan Singer said of the chemistry between Grey and Summers:

In the beginning, she’s the last thing [Cyclops is] interested in. When he first comes to the mansion, Scott’s blind so he can’t see her. Suddenly he gets some glasses and now he can see her and he’s like ‘Oh! That’s Jean Grey.’ Both of them are misfits in a way ... This is all new to Scott Summers and he doesn’t like it. [Jean] knows inherently that something darker and more powerful is growing inside her and she doesn’t quite know what it is.

The dynamic between the two young mutants could be the heart of this movie, so they need to get it right. Of course, if something were to happen that might set up that rumoured Dark Phoenix spin-off, even better...

3. Au revoir, Mystique?

There have been contrasting reports about Jennifer Lawrence's commitment to the X-Men movies in recent months, but the completion of the reboot trilogy seems like a sensible time for Mystique to bow out. Will Apocalypse complete her journey in a way that satisfies the character's biggest conflicts - not least her own esteem and self-image issues - and could there be a shock death on the cards?

4. Quicksilver slows the pace (pt. II)

The Quicksilver of Future Past, so totally superior to Age of Ultron's Pietro Maximoff it's almost funny, stole the show on more than one occasion - not least that scene in which he made manipulation of time look like the most enviable superpower...

Singer has teased something similar - but next-level, naturally - in Apocalypse, and you'd imagine the final trailer might want to tease that, without completely spoiling the joy of seeing it in the good lord's IMAX come the end of May.

5. Wolverine

Come on. It wouldn't be an X-Men movie without Wolverine. FOX might not "do a Marvel" and blow their big surprise cameo in the trailer, but I'd bet my house on Hugh Jackman having some part in Apocalypse... if I owned a house. The clawed mutant isn't quite done just yet.

Hopefully we'll find out for sure on what date the trailer is dropping within the next week. X-Men: Apocalypse hits theatres May 27. Until then, tell me...

Could 'Apocalypse' be the pinnacle of the X-Men series?


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