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There's only one thing on every Marvel fan's lips right now and that's [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), as we draw ever closer to the release date. Civil War is set to be the centerpiece event of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 as we head towards Avengers: Infinity War; and it's chock full with an ensemble cast encompassing almost all the earthbound superheroes we've been introduced to thus far.

But not everyone is invited to the party, because it's logistically impossible to do a "true" adaptation of Civil War from page to screen.

Not only is the MCU missing the years of building tensions between superheroes, the government and the general public, it's also missing the vast majority of the playing characters; including the New Warriors and Nitro, who were instrumental in causing the inciting incidents of the war.

'Civil War': The Stamford Incident
'Civil War': The Stamford Incident

And of course, there's the infamous issue of studio rights too. Spider-Man is a hugely important character in the comic book Civil War but — despite the fact that Marvel and Sony have now struck a rights deal, and Tom Holland portrays the web-slinger in the upcoming film — the fact that they haven't had those rights up until now means that the groundwork necessary for his character to function in the movie is missing.

Marvel Studios doesn't currently own the rights to many characters who appear in Civil War — Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four being perhaps the most prevalent example. But even if they did, there probably wouldn't be space to include them anyway.

'Civil War' divides Sue Storm and Reed Richards
'Civil War' divides Sue Storm and Reed Richards

In the comics, nearly every superhero group weighs in on the Superhero Registration Act in some way; so there's been a lot of fun speculation about which side certain live-action superheroes would take, should they be included in Civil War. And the Fox Marvel universe is no exception; even Wolverine — Hugh Jackman — himself hasn't been able to escape the speculation.

In a new MTV International interview, a bunch of actors — both superhero vets and those who've never put on a cape and mask — were asked who they thought would win in a fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

While Team Iron Man pretty much swept the board (even Anthony Mackie, who portrays Team Cap's Falcon/Sam Wilson thinks Iron Man would win), Hugh Jackman thinks things aren't quite so simple:

"I think we all know they're gonna duke it out, duke it out, duke it out, and then become friends right? And there'll be no winner."

Well, he's probably right about that. Unless those rumors are true and we're gonna witness a Major Character Death at the conclusion of Civil War, as we did in the comics.

Tony Stark: "It wasn't worth it."
Tony Stark: "It wasn't worth it."

Wolverine doesn't really play a huge part in the central events of the Civil War comic as the X-Men decline to get involved in the conflict; though he does make it clear that he doesn't approve of the Superhero Registration Act, as it chimes too close to the Mutant Registration Act which was put in place to out and oppress mutants.

Rather than getting involved in politics, Wolverine spends Civil War off hunting down Nitro, who caused the explosion at Stamford that killed more than 600 civilians (60 of them being children) and kicked off the war in the first place.

Sadly, we won't be seeing Hugh Jackman or Wolverine in Civil War, but we've still got his last outing as the clawed mutant to look forward to in Wolverine 3, which is set for release March 3, 2017.

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'Wolverine 3'

'Captain America: Civil War' releases May 6, 2016.

Whose side are you on?

Source: MTV International


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