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John Ramirez is a Disney story artist and theme park designer. In fact, over the years you may have enjoyed his work in films such as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Tarzan. But along with a passion for all things Disney, Ramirez also loves Japan. So what better way to combine both of his loves than to mash them up in his awesome Instagram series!

The images of Japan Ramirez uses come mostly from the late 19th or early 20th century, and he blends in a mix of Ghibli, Disney, and Disney-influenced characters. "I try to mix my love of animated characters and old Japanese photos for a laugh," Ramirez explained, speaking to Kotaku.

Take a look at Ramirez's beautiful (and funny!) Instagram posts below, and for even more head to his account over here.

Whoa, Mickey. This is cold!

With a cute hat and a lollipop this little guy is ready for his first day of school!

This cute fellow is actually a tanuki, an animal common in Japan, but one which also famous in Japanese myths as a trickster.

I get Zootopia vibes from this one, anyone else?

Nothing like a little weekend bus trip getaway!

Tinkerbell and these beautiful blossoms make a beautiful picture.

I wonder what instrument he plays?

Even Minnie can't resist dressing up in a yukata for hanami!

What better way to spend a windy day than by fling a kite!

Mickey is always up for exploring new spots.

Uh oh, looks like she may have spotted Chibi Totoro and Chu Totoro!

For even more mashups head over here.

Which is your favorite?

Source: Instagram via Kotaku


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