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Pokémon heights are a crucial part of our interaction with them, as their size often defines their level, skill, and ability. Imagine a world where Bulbasaur was bigger than Venusaur — there would be riots in Cerulean City.

This awesome chart breaks down how Pokémon heights measure up against a human, so you'd know how difficult it would be to hide a Pokémon in your cupboard or play with it inside your house — if Pokémon Go was as real they make it out to be here:

Height Chart

Can You Name All These Pokémon? Check Against The List Below!

Source: 36 Media
Source: 36 Media

Yes that's Red the trainer and no, his actual height is not 5 feet 10 inches. That would be very, very tall for an 11-year-old. This height chart of Pokémon protagonists estimates he'd actually be at the humbler height of 4'7". The dude on the chart is simply that of an average American adult male — 5'10.1".

Here's a breakdown of the heights and names:

  • Golbat: 5'3.0" [two inches smaller than an average American woman]
  • Crobat: 5'10.9"
  • Rosealia: 0'11.8"
  • Blitzle: 2'7.5"
  • Charizard: 5'6.9"
  • Lucario: 3'11.2"
  • Dratini: 5'10.9"
  • Galvantula: 2'7.5"
  • Glailie: 4'11.1" [five inches taller than an average 10-year-old American boy]
  • Kingdra: 5'10.9"
  • Ponyta: 3'3.4"
  • Buneary: 3'11.2"
  • Meowth: 1'3.7"
  • Carnivine: 4'7.1" [two inches smaller than an average 10-year-old American girl]
Pokemon kingdom
Pokemon kingdom

There can be many size discrepancies between Pokémon. For example, many of Ash's creatures appear to be much smaller in the anime than others of the same species. Just like real animals, the height of Pokémon can change depending on the individual being.

Did you know?

The smallest Pokémon is Joltik, an electric bug, who only reaches 0'4" and weighs a mere 1.3 lbs. Look how cute he is!

The largest is the aptly named Wailord, a gargantuan thing almost on the scale of blue whales, with a height of 47'07" and a mass of 877.4 lbs.

Which Pokémon Are You The Same Height As?

Source: 36 Media


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