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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 2, Episode 18 of The Flash!

The Flash returned on April 19 with a new episode titled "Versus Zoom," in which we got a glimpse of Hunter's childhood... and his past as a serial killer on Earth-2. With Hunter having said that he was acting both as Jay Garrick and Zoom, taking the Flash's mantle only to "rip people's hope away from them," many fans were unsurprisingly upset that Jay Garrick would be responsible for so many murders. As a matter of fact, he's the original Flash in the comics, so how could the show turn him over to the dark side like that?

Among these disappointed fans was Mark Waid, one of the original writers of the Flash comics for DC. However, as he took to Twitter to deplore the turn the show had taken, executive producer Greg Berlanti responded in a way that was reassuring, but also made things even more confusing.

'We Would Never Make Him A Baddie'

Waid's initial reaction to the episode was far from pleased, going as far as to say that the show had betrayed the comic's legacy. Until Berlanti stepped in.

So, if Jay isn't a bad guy but Jay is serial killer Hunter, who is the real Jay Garrick? Are Jay and Hunter really the same person? Are Earth-2's Zoom and The Flash both Jay and fighting each other??

There's More To The Episode Than It Seems!

Waid corrected his stance soon after, saying he was "glad" there was still a lot to be revealed on the show.

Now, fans have been speculating that if we haven't yet seen the real Jay Garrick, he could be the man in the iron mask.

Or, you know, what if Jay came from another Earth entirely?

We can only hope the next episode "Back to Normal" will live up to its name, and indeed clear things up again.

Season 2, Episode 19 "Back to Normal" airs on April 26.

The CW
The CW

Who or where do you think is the real Jay Garrick?

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