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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Wandering the locales of Boston's evocative wasteland is, at the majority of times, a jumpy mix of laughs and scares where anything could happen and pretty much everything is out to get you.

But what is rarely spoken about is the mental state of those we don't see roaming the dilapidated wastes; the ones who leave mannequins in various states of disarray; the ones who put teddy bears in toilets and those poor bastards that have been reduced to comedic skeletons.

Yes this is the work of Bethesda's own twisted (yet brilliant) sense of humor, but stopping to think of the stories behind some of the strangest things you see out and about is as fun as it is harrowing.

Like these for example:

The Lonely Man

Here's a guy that obviously decided to end his tenure on the planet with some drugs, drinks, and the company of a plastic lady. That's kinda fair enough — it's a dark world out there.

But where it gets even more messed up is this headless skeleton in a filled bath surrounded by male mannequins wielding machetes and a plunger. What happened to the person in the bath? And why is their head in the toilet?

Deathly Diorama

This spooky scene at the Museum of Witchcraft reenacts the lynching of an unarmed mannequin —

— while these people stand around and watch. Must be some kind of heavy-handed metaphor for man's inhumanity to man. The same hand that will hit the button that ends the world is the same hand that could offer you a life-saving amount of stimpaks.


What is this? Some kind of weird, plastic orgy?

Them Bones

Dude, this is a baby's skeleton, with what you'd assume to be the bones of its parents just left of the pic. Only thing darker than this would be a gallery where all of its art is made with blood and viscera —

Pickman Gallery

Oh. Hi!

This definitely has to be the most f**ked up location in the game.

This is only scraping at the tip of the iceberg of terror. I know there must be more I've missed, so share in the comments!

What's the creepiest thing you've seen in Fallout 4?

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