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One of the worst things about modern cinema is that, no matter how badly a film performs critically, no matter if it disappoints fans and industry professionals alike, if it makes a shedload of money the studios will continue cranking them out.

No franchise lives up to this to such an extent as that of Transformers — the juggernaut franchise based on an 80s children's toy franchise which has somehow turned into a Hollywood blockbuster full of explosions and Megan Fox in increasingly ridiculous poses.

That's just unsafe motorcycle maintenance
That's just unsafe motorcycle maintenance

But the Transformers series floats a lot of boats — $3.7 billion to be exact — and the franchise rolls onwards, with studio executives promising big changes ahead of Transformers 5. And one of these big changes might be addressing one of the biggest critical complaints about the series.

Isabela Moner

Yep, the hot topic regarding the Transformers 5 camp right now is that 14-year old Nickelodeon actress Isabela Moner — who is on board to star as Izabella — will in fact be the lead character of the upcoming movie (as reported by The Wrap).

"Moner is poised to play the young female lead of Izabella, a street-smart tomboy who grew up an orphan and was raised in foster care. She counts a small Transformer as her only friend… until she meets Wahlberg’s heroic inventor Cade Yeager."
Isabela Moner
Isabela Moner

After a few year stint on Nickelodeon, TV movies and feature film The House That Jack Built, this will be Moner's breakthrough into the Hollywood bubble. A bubble that isn't often kind to young actresses.

The Transformers series has been plagued with accusations of sexism, and reports of Bay's attitude towards the series lead female stars Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been, shall we say, less than glowing. Bringing in a female lead could go some way towards resolving this critical flaw, but it all depends on the treatment of the character, so we'll have to wait and see.

Robots In Disguise...

Some of the original Transformers toys
Some of the original Transformers toys

But, gendered issues aside, bringing the franchise back towards its younger roots could be a great idea. After all, Transformers began life as a toy franchise, then span off into a comic book series, and an animated TV series and movies. It was — at its roots — a series conceived for a younger audience.

We're now nearly a decade into the Transformers universe, and whilst the formula has worked thus far shaking things up isn't always a bad thing. But it's also a risk, given how samey the last four films have been.

It's an interesting change of page though, if the lead character does turn out to be both younger and female, given how the tone of the movies has been thus far. One thing's for sure, it should stop things stagnating too much, especially given that both Transformers 6 and 7 have been given the green light...

'Transformers 5' is set for release June 23, 2017.

Source: The Wrap


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