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Earlier this year Sicilian developer Rimlight Studios burst onto the scene with their quirky debut game ZHEROS. If you missed out on this charming arcade-style beat 'em up the first time round, then there's good news. ZHEROS is currently on Steam at 40% off, available for €8.99 through to April 24th.

The game harkens back to classic old school side-scrollers of yore, retro classics in the genre including arcade stalwarts like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. The major difference, you'll notice, is how much sharper ZHEROS's visual style is. Check out the the trailer below:

And if those celestial beats are pricking your value-conscious ears, the soundtrack is also on sale, discounted 20% from its regular price point, down to $4.99.

To take advantage of both deals head to the game's Steam page, where you'll also find this handy synopsis:

ZHEROS features high-energy sci-fi action, a quirky sense of humor and a hell of a lot of ass kicking as players fight against Dr. Vendetta’s robotic army as he attempts to turn every living creature into an army of bad-tempered weirdo minions. The PC version of the game features polished 3D graphics, two new soundtracks, lots of punching and, of course, hi-tech weapons for any enemies that are slightly out of arm’s reach.

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