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It's been quite the journey. But you're almost there. You're almost at the conclusion of one of 2016's masterpieces, FromSoftware's Dark Souls 3. But rather than one cannon ending, there are a few options available to players after they finish destroying the game's final boss. And just like previous entries into the series and Bloodborne along with them, there are a few things you have to accomplish to unlock the specific endings before you arrive. If you need some context and background on why these endings make sense, be sure to check this out!

Steps To Take To Unlock The 4 Endings Of Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3

Ending One - To Link The First Flame

The first ending will be available to everyone, regardless of what you accomplished over the course of Dark Souls 3's campaign. Once you enter the final area and defeat the Soul of Cinder after a tough encounter you'll see a bonfire in front of you. Simply go and activate it and take a seat. This is a very simplistic ending, but it involves you kindling the flame and extending the Age of Fire. Essentially you're maintaining the status quo, but after years pass the flame will die out and another cycle of darkness will begin...

Ending Two - The End of Fire

There are a few things you'll have to do to avail of this ending. First off, you're going to have to venture to the Untended Graves area of the game. The entrance to this place can be found after the bonfire in the room where you defeated Oceiras, The Consumed King.

Run through the door at the end of the room, all the way down the corridor till you come to a chest. Just a bit before the chest there's an illusory wall to the right. Hit it and you'll be able to make your way to the Untended Graves. Once you're there run all the way to the area that's an exact replica of the Firelink Shrine. Go to where Irina sits and you'll find a pair of eyes.

Take these back to the Firekeeper at the Firelink Shrine, she'll thank you and inform you that you can summon her to your side once you defeat the Soul of Cinder.

Once you beat the final boss, there will be a Summon Sign on the ground next to the bonfire. Use it and you'll summon the Firekeeper. She'll take the fire from within the flame and the world will slowly fade to black as you usher in the Age of Dark.

Ending Three - Alternative End of Fire

The third ending is found by doing exactly what you did for ending 2, except for one change. Once the world fades to black after the Firekeeper removes the flame, you'll have a little over 5 seconds to walk around in the dark.

If you kill her during this time, you'll receive an alternative ending. You'll see a cinematic in which you brutally kill her and take the embers from her hand. The narrator chimes in and tells a tale of how "ash seeketh embers", which paints you in a negative light - a greedy being that sought to control all at the end of days. You'll possess one of the only embers in a dark and bleak world.

Ending Four - The Usurpation of Fire

This is so convoluted and difficult to achieve. You'll have to be working towards this ending for a great portion of the campaign of Dark Souls 3. You'll have to complete the quests of Yoel, Yuria and Anri. You'll have to meet and talk with them at each of their specific points throughout the campaign. The video below gives you a wonderful guide on where you can meet all of them and what you should do along the way.

The ending sees you become the lord over all things in the new age, you are now the Lord of Hollows. You marry Anri, and then take the flame from the bonfire. You will eventually become a boss for some undead being in years to come. The cycle goes on. Nothing ever truly ends.

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