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Seth Rogen is one of those guys you forget you've got a major crush on until someone kindly reminds you. He's sort of like an adorable puppy you want to go home and hug and then never see your friends again because you're having too much fun. He totally rocks the lumbersexual vibe, actually I'm fairly sure I read somewhere that he started it, and he's hilarious, laid-back and generally an all-round good guy.

However, if you're one of those few demented souls who aren't even a little bit in love with Seth Rogen, here are 10 reasons why you're wrong.

1. When he gets a crush on someone, it's the most adorable thing ever.

2. And literally the only thing cuter than him crushin' in '90s cult hit 'Freaks and Geeks,' is his audition tape for the role:

3. He actually gives a shit about people and leads his own Alzheimer’s awareness charity, 'Hilarity for Charity,' which has raised over $4.2 million.


You can read about Hilarity for Charity here.

4. He's always around to help a friend in need. Below you can watch him teach how to roll a joint.

5. He calls it as he sees it. Like in this case, for example, when he calls Justin Bieber a "piece of shit."

And then sends him tweets like:

6. Probably the only thing better than getting a bear hug from Seth Rogen would be getting a hug from an actual bear-esque creature. But, actually, probably not.

7. Listening to him laugh will make even the darkest soul light up:

8. And this cracking sense of humor lends itself perfectly to parody videos, such as the "Bound 2" one he made with best bud James Franco - which you can watch below in SILENT, because Kanye West was less than impressed and got his lawyers involved.

But you can always play the actual song in the background for full effect, if you must.

9. He's making an movie about sausages, and it's called 'Sausage Party.'

10. He's friends with Movie Pilot. Yay.

Seriously, what's not to love?


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