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The thing I love about The Flash is that it makes us work and agonize over the season-long secret until they reveal the obvious thing that we all thought originally! Last season we totally believed Wells was Reverse Flash. With twist after twist, new theory after new theory, we finally find out it was Wells... kind of. The same exact thing happened this season. The writers threw us off Jay's scent early and Zoom is totally Jay. Kind of... I will admit I was on the Henry Allen as Zoom band wagon. If you haven't watched the Flash vs Zoom episode, proceed at your own risk because - well - spoilers, dummy!

Now that the Zoom origin story is behind us, we know how-he-did-it, and Zoom is really Hunter Zolomon, we can move onto the other big mystery left: the man in the iron mask on Earth-2. We saw he is still sitting in his cell when Zoom captured Wally. After we learn that Zoom used a time remnant of himself as a partner to fool team Flash (that's why we saw Jay die, ruling out speed mirage), most would be left to assume that our iron masked friend is another version of Jay that did not want to help Zoom. He will help team Flash defeat Zoom and take over as the good guy Flash on Earth-2. BORING!!! To obvious and too easy. I want to take it outside the box. The man in the iron mask is........

Please bring back Eddie
Please bring back Eddie

You still with me? Eddie has to be the guy we are awaiting to find out.

Exhibit A- We never got closure last season. He was sucked into the singularity. No body equals not really dead. It was left open for a return. Perhaps Eddie got sucked into Earth-2 and was nursed back to health by Zoom. Zoom was using him as his Earth-1 tour guide for information.

Exhibit B- Iris finally has moved on from Eddie and set her focus back on Barry. If I learned anything from the CW is that they don't make it that easy. Remember Clark and Lana? Oliver and Laurel? Oliver and Felicity? The CW loves toying with us, give us hope, then yank it away. I think the reveal will be Eddie, just to throw a wrench in the budding Iris/Barry thing.

Exhibit C- It would be totally cool to tie the plot thread left open from last season and Eddie can still live if he never reproduces that creates the lineage that brings about Eobard. Maybe Eddie has a martyr mindset that he can never risk falling in love and creating that monster down the time line. It would be a cool story line for an emerging metahuman next season. Yep, Eddie can be Cobalt Blue!

Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue

We only have a few episodes left. My guess is we will know soon who our iron masked mystery is and just like with every reveal, it will be unexpected and satisfying. The Flash takes Sci-Fi, family drama, mystery to a whole new level. Have any holes to poke in this theory or one of your own? Post below!


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