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So season 2 of The Flash is about to come to an end in a month or so and we have been given soo many spoilers regarding the next season. So below is what I expect from season 3.

Wally West

Keiynan Lonsdale (wally west)

Now CW has kept him in the dark from us for while. After each passing episode we viewers are so eager to see the 3rd flash(wally).

So here's my theory.

After Barry Looses his speed from Zoom in the recent episode 18 (Versus Zoom), we get to know that zoom has abducted Harrison Wells (Earth2) and maybe others as well...

Cutting the story short, Barry (with Cisco's help) activated the particle accelerator and directed the lightning* to his crime lab where lightning strikes twice (1st was in the 1st season) . But only this time there were 2 people who were struck by the lightning. Wally probably gets to know that Barry Allen is the flash and follows him to his lab where he sees barry and tries to have a conversation and at that moment they both get electrocuted {chem bath, all chemicals being electrocuted along with barry and wally and those chemicals spill on them}

(Barry gets back up like how Zolomon got up in the flashback in episode 18, but Wally takes a 9 months break as he is in a coma.)
So sometime in season 3 Wally West as a speedster is a must (unless they go off comics and make Eddie a speedster or bring bart allen from the future)

*{to back down the "Directed the lightning" theory, i guess cisco somehow managed to use Eobard's tech which was left behind when the team saw their movements being recorded by eobard. Im guessing that since HE was from the 24th century, there would be tech that could transfer lightning to a specific place.. }


Vibe is seen with some cool and awesome abilities in this season. We are talking about not only looking into the future or past but making gateways to other Earths... Simply brilliant way by CW to make future crossovers with Supergirl and some other Superheroes (from other earths) in near future.

I personally think that cisco should get out of the lab and help barry sometimes (in S3) and hopefully acquiring REVERB's abilities to the fullest and open new breaches for the flash family to venture out to other Earths (Goal unspecified).Have a lot of hope that VIBE's role should be more important in the next season.

Jay Garrick

It is Uncertain that Jay is even alive in Earth - 2 as all along Jay was Zoom (unless CW comes up with some plot 'trippy' twisting scenario)
Many rather most of us including myself think that the "man under the iron mask" is theRealJayGarrick but who knows how CW would twist this theory up.. making him casted by someone else ( personally i like Teddy Sears acting and the way he acted like Jay and then Zoom)
EXPECTATIONS from CW - TO see how they FINALLY introduce the real Jay, And THE RIVAL (Edward Clariss) and maybe, just maybe some of other jay's nemesis'.


NOW i know im asking too much, but getting GODSPEED even as cameo in season 3 finale would be F****** awesome.

would like to thank Amie for making this, as there is nothing on wiki till now (dk why..)


" I can throw him 3 centuries from now, but he will always but he will always be a part of me"
Hope CW keeps that in mind and give us "the impossible" again..

Jesse Quick

Hmm now its overdoing too much of speedsters now. but anyways keeping her for reserve :)


so ppl what do you think, who would steal the next season?


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