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WARNING: Contains SPOILERS from Season 1 of Supergirl.

CBS's superhero drama Supergirl concluded its freshman season this past Monday night, leaving the world wondering if there will be a second installment. Season 1 performed surprisingly well, considering the pilot had leaked online several months prior to its initial airing. On top of that, it was scheduled against another superhero favorite in Gotham. Against all odds, Supergirl finished on top and featured an incredible crossover with The Flash.

The lack of news about Season 2 begs the question: Why has CBS not renewed Supergirl? Unfortunately, the answer is unknown as of yet, but we are hoping the Girl of Steel has not yet fought her final battle. So CBS, if you're in doubt, allow me to give you only a few reasons highlighting why you should renew Supergirl.

1. An Untold Story

Supergirl is not one of DC's top heroes and usually falls under the second bracket (Teen Titans or Young Justice), so apart from a few appearances over the years, the CBS adaptation of the character remains the most successful to date. It's so refreshing to see a new story unfold every Monday night instead of the same recycled heroes. We all know Superman's story as it has been told several times, but Supergirl allows Kara Zor-El the opportunity to have her story told, instead of living in her cousin's shadow. I found the first season of Supergirl delightful and it became one of the shows that I looked forward to each week.

2. Melissa Benoist

As leading ladies go, Benoist sure is refreshing. Having seen her in action on Glee, it was satisfying to see Benoist get the lead credit in a role she is so perfect for that one would be forgiven for thinking it had been created with her in mind. She shines as both Kara and Supergirl, making us smile while breaking our hearts. Her chemistry with other co-stars is undeniable, specifically Calista Flockhart, who plays the awesomely brilliant Cat Grant.

3. Who Is In The Pod?

Last we saw, Supergirl had saved the planet from Non, Indigo and Myriad, but before celebrations could get fully underway, a new pod arrived on Earth — from Krypton. Which begs the question: Who was in the pod? Is it a character from the show's Krypton-centric flashbacks? Or perhaps a character from the Supergirl/Superman mythology, such as Superboy? Either way, good or evil we all want to find out .

4. What Will Kara's New Job Be?

In a rather emotional moment, Cat Grant promoted her assistant Kara and, for the first time, refers to her by her real name. Cat tells Kara that she has the ability to change the world (I'm still not convinced that she doesn't know she's Supergirl). Will Kara now look after herself, or will she revert back to delivering Miss Grant's lattes?

5. The Villains

Over the course of its first season, Supergirl delivered some great villains. I often found the human/methuman villains more intriguing than Non and the Kryptonians, so now that the Kryptonians have been defeated, perhaps we will see some of the other villains resurface. My personal favorite was Siobhan Smythe, played by the magnificent Italia Ricci (Chasing Life). I hope that she returns in the future.

6. Lynda Carter!

Showrunners Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg have promised that Carter will be guest starring as the president in a potential second season. If none of the reasons above are enough to warrant a second go-round, then this one should do it. The original and still the best (sorry, Gal) Wonder Woman would bring so much to the role, as playing a woman of power is not unusual for her. Carter arguably invented female superhero television shows, so this homage to her is more than warranted.

7. More Crossovers

Arguably the strongest episode of Supergirl's freshman year is the crossover episode with The Flash. The chemistry between Benoist and Grant Gustin was palpable and it was certainly a Glee-ful reunion. Geddit? If we are lucky enough to be granted a second season of Supergirl, then who knows what could happen in the future? Perhaps we will see several more crossover episodes. I would welcome the opportunity to see The Flash on Supergirl again, or perhaps Supergirl could make an appearance on The Flash, Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow!

So there you have it! I hope CBS will make the right decision and renew this joyful TV series for another year. Supergirl has already given us so many memories, and I'd relish the opportunity for many more. CBS, if you read this, please do the right thing and .

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