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Recently the official new trailer for The Girl on the Train was released.

From the director of The Help (2011) starring Emma Stone, Tate Taylor brings us his version of the Thriller novel: The Girl on the Train to our screens starring Emily Blunt as the main protagonist; Haley Bennett; Luke Evens; Orange is the New Black's Laura Prepon; and Friends series Lisa Kudrow.

From my first initial watch, the trailer resembled much of the hit thriller Gone Girl, crossed with ITV'S new drama Marcella (view link below for more info) - something British readers will be familiar with. Haley Bennett's character in The Girl on the Train resembles much to Rosamund Pike's Amy in Gone Girl and Marcella in terms of the aesthetics; count down of days; the protagonist not remembering; being afraid of herself; themes of murder; and suspected treason.

From the trailer we can understand that Emily Blunt's character becomes obsessed with a couple; the female within this - Bennett - is murdered, and Blunt becomes a prime suspect as a result of her inability to remember where or what she was doing at Bennett's character approximate time of death. But of course, there is more to this plot as it's stated to be based on the 'thriller that shocked the world'.

Previously in 2013, a film of the same title and loosely based on the same novel was released. However, it received a rating of 4.4/10 from IMDB. Surely this version will do better?

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