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KJ Proulx

The Bourne trilogy is one of the best trilogies ever made in my opinion, due to the fact that it is one of the most consistently great ones. We received "The Bourne Legacy" back in 2012, and it received lukewarm to negative reviews. For three films as great as they were, releasing a fourth with none of the cast returning was an enormous mistake. Say what you will about it, but I believe "The Bourne Legacy" is an awful film, and that is coming from someone who loves the first three.

This summer, we receive the return of the titular character in Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), and even though the title of this new instalment does not follow-suit, it is a confirmation that it is back on track. After the drop of the new trailer, I had to post these thoughts, because the clever action sequences seem amazing and practical, with some great performances from the returning cast members. Everything about this trailer screams Bourne. Check out the first trailer below:

Article By: KJ Proulx


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