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So wait, if they both were still on set, does that mean they are both alive?

Arrow season 4 wrapped filming yesterday, marking the end of an incredible and shocking season. Though, while filming has ended, Arrow still has four more episodes to air, beginning with next week's episode 19, Canary Cry. In the previous episode, we saw the death of one of Team Arrow's very own, Laurel Lance, at the hands of Damien Darhk, who fulfilled a promise to Captain Lance that his disobedience would cost his daughter's life. Then, in a flash-forward we have already seen a million times, Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen sit awkwardly in a limo following Laurel's funeral, and Felicity very sternly informs Oliver that he has no choice but to kill Darhk.

Cast members Echo Kellum, who plays Curtis, and Charlotte Ross, who plays Mama Smoak, thankfully Snapchatted the last day on set, while some leaked set photos also revealed some juicy details on the last episode and the Black Canary. So why were the two on set STILL as the finale wrapped? Both should be dead, right?

Neal McDonough, aka Damien Darhk, was featured on Echo's Snapchat getting his makeup done for the final scenes of the finale on wrap day! So does this mean Oliver doesn't give into killing again, and end Darhk's life to avenge Laurel?

I think it does. I don't think Oliver will kill again, even though Felicity asked him to. Team Arrow are always the ones to bring Oliver back from the lonesome dark places he goes, and I think this will he be his turn to bring them back! Felicity, Thea, and Diggle are all going to be drowning in grief and guilt as they will feel responsible for what happened to Laurel, especially Diggle. Felicity feels her leaving the team left them shorthanded, while Thea feels her inability to kill her father, Malcolm Merlin, left him free to make devious plans with Darhk, which put him close enough to Laurel to kill her. Diggle knows that if he had trusted Oliver, and not his brother Andy, who had a track record for being dishonest and evil, they would never have had a run in with Darhk in the first place. So I think Oliver will bring the team back to the light this time, not vice versa like it usually is. Though my prediction? I think Team Arrow will take a break by the end of the season, with Thea and Diggle leaving, and Felicity and Oliver still not reconciled in their relationship, though they will be working towards it.

Now, there was also another familiar character on set in these final days of Arrow season 4, and it definitely makes us raise our eyebrows. A Black Canary, suited up and all, has been photographed by paparazzi, but let me be clear, it is NOT Katie Cassidy or a stunt double. Fans suspect it is actually actress Madison McLaughlin, who is listed as a guest star in a few upcoming episodes. Showrunner Marc Guggenheim has spoken to TV Line on the fact that they will explore if a new Black Canary will be coming around, saying:

"We'll play with that notion in Episode 19," he said. That said, "I don't know if I'd say [the Canary mantle] is up for grabs."

So what could that mean? I think that this means we will have a copycat Canary, and not a good one, a bad one. Laurel died with everyone knowing she was a masked vigilante, so no doubt there will be those who think they can take her spot. Imagine if someone with not-so-good intentions tries to sabotage Laurel's legacy, and use the Black Canary image to wreak havoc on Star City? Team Arrow certainly won't stand for it. After they take this Canary down, I think it will bring official closure to the Black Canary character. Many have speculated Laurel is not really dead, but the showrunners have confirmed that her death was NOT a fake-out, and Katie Cassidy will not be returning to Arrow. Marc Guggenheim told Variety:

No. We’ve done that. We’ve done a fake death before. And that’s the thing: we’re always trying to figure out what’s the way to do this. That fake-out where she was OK and then she wasn’t, that was, again, our attempt at “how do we do a death we haven’t done before?” We’ve had people killed right in front of Oliver; we’ve faked a death; we’ve had someone be fatally injured and then Oliver arrives on the scene.

While The Hollywood Reporter also confirmed:

But while Cassidy will continue to make various appearances in the universe, that doesn't mean viewers should expect the character to see a miraculous resurrection similar to Laurel's sister Sara (Caity Lotz). That character was resurrected before moving on to Legends of Tomorrow. Case in point: Laurel Lance of Earth-1 is dead, and she's staying dead on Arrow.

"We made a creative choice and we're sticking to it," Guggenheim said. "We're recognizing that Black Canary and Laurel have an incredibly loyal fanbase and Katie has an incredibly loyal fanbase but the show has never been just about the comic book history. It's never been just about one or two different particular fanbases. We make the creative choices we feel benefit the show as a whole and the story we're telling overall."

Katie's Laurel Lance has been one of the more controversial characters among fans on Arrow, so I am not surprised she was removed from the show, truthfully I am only shocked they didn't do it sooner. Her Black Canary character did little to fulfill 'Green Arrow' comic fan's dreams of the character coming to life due to her lack of chemistry with the other actors, which lead to the character's writing being hard to handle. They never really found a place for her in the show, so while it would have been great to have a Black Canary on Arrow, the CW just missed the boat on this one, and I think it's too late in the show's life to bring in a replacement. If they had planned on replacing Katie Cassidy, it should have been done before Season 2 started.

What do you think about these two characters being on set? Do you think Oliver WILL actually kill Damien Darhk at the very last moment? Do you think that we could have a new permanent Black Canary on the show? Or is this a one and done deal?

'Arrow' returns Wednesday, April 27th at 7/8c on the CW!


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