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While Batman VS Superman did hit the billion dollar mark world wide, it was wildly considered a failure by the comic book community. One thing that I've noticed is that people who had no investment in either Batman or Superman enjoyed the movie more than comic book fans. Maybe it's because we know what the character represents and what we saw in Batman VS Superman was not that. But he problem with Superman didn't start with the most recent movie. This is a problem that started with the previous Superman movie Man of Steel.

First off, I enjoyed Batman VS Superman. Was it a masterpiece? No, it was far from it. It wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. Now, from a comic book fan's viewpoint, Superman was poorly portrayed. He was cold, emotionless to everyone except Lois and his mother (MARTHAAAAA), and it was almost like he didn't care about humanity at times. Zack Snyder created a Superman unlike the one we have seen and it all started with the way he was raised.

This is NOT something  Jonathan Kent would say
This is NOT something Jonathan Kent would say

In the comics, the Kents raised Clark to be an upstanding member of society. Once his powers kicked in, they taught him to use his powers responsibly. I doubt they knew he'd become the superhero he is today, but it was the morals that were instilled in him that made him the one of the greatest heroes in any fictional genre. In the movie, his father pretty much taught Clark to be selfish. Never help anybody and it's OK to let people die to save yourself and your identity. Wait, what? That's not what Superman is supposed to be. He's supposed to be all that is good in the world. Instead, we get a Jonathan Kent who has been defeated by the world and instead of trying to make a difference, he instills his negativity into Superman.

So what we have here is Spider-Man Before Uncle Ben died. A young man who has all these powers and was never taught what he should do with them. Beyond that, he was never taught what it was like to be selfless and human. So when you watch Batman VS Superman and you wonder why he's so emotionless during some of the scenes, it's because in Man of Steel, he was raised to not have emotions.

It wasn't until that picture above that I realized what Superman represented. I've said it earlier, but he's THE hero. The epitome of selflessness. He doesn't just stop gods, aliens, and all of the other random evil that comes to Earth. He stops crimes in progress, cats stuck in trees, and always makes time to help people who just need a helping hand in life. It's moments like this that prove that Snyder missed the mark with who Superman is. He's not a dark and confused superhero. He's the hero that people like Flash, Green Arrow, and even Batman strive to be. While the movie was not a complete disaster, Batman VS Superman was a failure when it came to showing who Superman is and what he means to comics. Superman is an alien who's humanity, despite his god like powers, is what truly makes him a hero.

Was Superman represented properly and I'm wrong? Am I right and this was a terrible representation? Let me know in the comments below.



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