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After the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale premiered back in 2014, the fans sort of gave a bad reaction.

I don’t mean that they were upset that it was over, I mean that they were upset with how it ended. People thought the ending was, to put nicely, absolutely terrible.

When it first came out I’ll admit I was one of the fans who hated it, but now it’s been almost two years since the show’s ending and after re-watching the series finale episode. I now believe that the show ended in the correct way.

For all of you haters who think that’s crazy, here are five reasons why you’re wrong. If you’re currently watching the show then turn back now because there are major spoilers ahead.

1. The show is not too long

Before the show even ended a lot of people complained about the length concerning the plot. A show that is about a father telling his two kids the story of how he met their mother for nine seasons can be considered a really long story.

But let’s really look at this story, Ted meets his wife at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Do you remember who met in the pilot episode? Not just Ted and Robin, but Barney and Robin. While it may not be a romantic scene from Barney's point of view, one of the first scenes of the entire show is when Barney met Robin. In a way the story of how Barney and Robin fell in love and got married is crucial to how Ted met his wife, so for the entire show to start there actually makes some sense.

Also, let’s not forget that the more seasons that are produced equals more money, so you can’t blame the network for wanting to keep it on as long as possible. Is this a good excuse and should be used in an argument about the show being too long? Not really, but it is still a valid point.

2. Ted belonged with Robin

So many fans were upset when the mother died and Ted ran to Robin, even though a lot of fans theorized that the mother would die. Many still felt that...

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