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I have already written about this young musician, "blues folk psychedelic ragtime singer-songwriter Zabok" , so for the beggining I will copy the text from previous post about him: "Nikola Vranić, better known as John Raven August, is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from Zabok. His quadrilogy "Change of seasons" is inspired by lucid dreams caused by Edgar Allan Poe's poetry and Hermann Hesse's psychedelic novels. His story is told through his music (and videos)."

First time I saw his name was in newspapers where I read about how he amazed Coldplay, so I rushed to see what's all that on YouTube. He merges classical music with ragtime and psychedelic videos complete the atmosphere. It's really worth listening and watching.

Anyway, I had that honor to make illustration for cover of the album and it's something I appreciate more than my previous successes, big or small.

Here are links - here you can buy high quality songs from new album or listen to them. You can also find them with lyrics on youtube.

Check more of his music on Youtube or find out more about artist here:

also, for more of my art you can go here

or here


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