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RDJ in Spider-man: Homecoming

It has recently been announced that Robert Downey Junior (Iron man) has just been said to have a role in the latest Spider-Man movie. This may be the beginning of a partnership between Marvel and Sony Properties, however, we are not sure yet whether this means he will be in future movies as well.It has not yet been disclosed the size of the role, whether it is a cameo or a full-blown role. Although we do know he will be in the iron man suit.

The movie's title may symbolise Spider-Man's return to Marvel after being with Sony for so long. However speculation is that it will be adapting the Homecoming storyline from the comics.

What was the Homecoming Storyline?

This story was written by Tom DeFalco and illustrated by Ron Frenz. This story is about the return of Spider-Man to New York, after the events of Secret Wars. He gained his new symbiote suit, which is greatly associated with the Spider foe Venom (who is apparently meant to have his own solo movie, so the events in this Spider-man movie may relate to the Venom movie).

Although the storyline is pretty minor and features Spider-Man taking on C-list villains, such as, Jack O'Lantern, The Answer and Red Ghost and his Super Apes, it does also feature members of the Avengers especially Captain America and Iron Man. So where is Cap? Maybe he dies in Civil War (not a spoiler, just speculation from the comics). Fellow Avengers, Hawkeye and Wasp also make appearances.

One detail is that the Spider-Man is in High School in that comic, just like Tom Holland's Spider-man and his predecessors.

The story also delves into characters such as Black Cat and The Lizard. A rumour going round is that Zendaya may be playing the role of Black Cat.

Like I said before this story is quite minor so it may just symbolise Spidey's return. However I guess we will have to wait and see.

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