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The iconic film director the late Guy Hamilton has passed away at the age of 93. which most film fans who are familiar with his work regret his passing. Fans of the James Bond film Franchise like myself Recognize his Massive contribution to British popular culture in Entertainment through out his Generation and Beyond.

His first James Bond film he directed for then producers Albert r. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman titled ''GOLDFINGER'' (1964) was the Bond film that probably really made Ian Fleming's Novel character become the world's Global cinema Hero during the sixties era.

Guy Hamilton gave the film fans around the world a secret agent with suave looking suits and a Fully Gadget laden Aston Martin car never Before seen on the Silver-screen.

And a woman covered in Gold paint, played by Shirley Eaton as character Jill Masterson. sir sean connery had really pushed the character James Bond to the Limits of public approvel. Director Guy Hamilton went on to direct his second bond film. ''Diamonds are forever'' (1971) which was sir sean connery's return to the iconic role after a four year Break from the role. After Diamond's are forever'' Guy Hamilton returned to direct his third bond film.

This was sir Roger Moore's Debut Entry as the new James Bond and this was my first Viewing of a James Bond film. ''Live and let Die'' (1973) was probably the Greatest film i had ever seen on the Big screen Back then. I was sold. and became an instant Bond fan.

The Next year was (1974) and Guy Hamilton directed his fourth and Final Bond film titled ''The Man with the Golden Gun'' I made sure to see it making me a real James Bond fan for Life. Today is (2016) a little slower But still a Bond fan.

Thanks to the late Guy Hamilton a Legendary iconic film director (1922 to 2016) Gone But not forgotten. R.I.P.


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