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Everyone Is Talking About Heroes...Let's Change That

Everyone know who all the big heroes are, and honestly they are old news. What about the bad guys?! Who are the biggest and most terrible you wonder? These five are just the tip of the iceberg, but before we start I need to know where you stand.


Are you more of a superhero, or a villain?

Okay Great, Now Lets Begin

1. Doomsday

It's no wonder that Doomsday made this list. For starters, he doesn't ever truly die, and he is a constant killing machine who wants nothing else but death and destruction. Doomsday also "killed" (or put into a coma) Superman so that's pretty intense! Another reason I chose Doomsday is the fact that he really doesn't even have much of a personality. He has no feelings, no remorse, no pity, and no mercy so watch out!

2. Thanos

Thanos himself caused billions of deaths for nothing more but to impress Mistress Death. Using the Infinity Gauntlet he wipes out almost half of life in the universe. Not only that, but he also murdered his own family and millions of his own race. He easily wipes many superheros out with ease. Thanos is quite the popular face to see around the Marvel universe, but not a whole lot of people know much about him.

3. Red Skull

When you think of bad things what comes to mind? If you thought "Nazi" then you are spot on! He was trained by Hitler himself so that's pretty crazy. He is one of the most reoccurring villains of Captain America and even put him into a stasis through space-time. Although he's not that powerful, him being a Nazi and the fact that he is a freaking terrorist to no end lands him on this list.

4. Apocalypse

We all know why Apocalypse is on this list. Not only is he the first mutant ever, but he is pretty much an immortal god-mutant. He is very much responsible for a lot of the X-Men villains and is honestly infinitely powerful. Apocalypse could be considered one of the strongest beings on planet Earth so I wouldn't screw around with him in the morning.

5. Carnage

Carnage has been one of the most terrifying villain around for awhile now. He makes this list because his only instinct is his pure blood-lust. Carnage is so dangerous that Spider-Man and Venom had to team up multiple times to take out the bloodthirsty symbiote. Carnage is actually my favorite villain because he's just so different than all of the above. Yes Venom is a close second, and no Carnage is by no means the strongest. The thing that makes him so appealing to me is the the fact that he is honestly just pure instinct. Kill or be killed.

In Conclusion

There really are a ton more of candidates who could have made this list. These few just really popped out for me, and are villains that I personally wouldn't want to mess around with. Except maybe the Red Skull.

Who Is Your Favorite Villain And Why???


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