These are some great theories about who the heck Star Wars' new villain Supreme Leader Snoke could be. So, here we go:

Warning the follwing content includes spoilers to The Force Awakens, and will give you information on Star Wars 8 and 9.

Snoke is Palpatine

This is a good theory, and it holds some good info to back it up. Like the fact that Snoke wants to help Kylo Ren "Finish what you started" as he said to Darth Vaders mask. And, after falling down that ditch back in Return of the Jedi, he must have gotten pretty messed up. But, is this theory good enough?

Another good thought on the subject of Palpatine is that he is Palpatines son. Palpatine never followed the Jedi order of never loving. So, he must have married someone, had a kid, and his kid wants to continue the work his father did. It adds up, but that is about all that works for Palpatine.

Snoke is Vader

Now, before you start saying that this one is stupid because I know, we all saw his body burning at the end of Return of the Jedi, but, this gives a perfect backup for the fact that he is now burnt. And if you look at a picture of Vader with no mask, Vaders chin is covered with the backup for his mask, and he has a scar on his head. And if you look at a picture of Snoke, he has the outline on his chine area of the way the mask piece affected his chin, and he has the scar. Also, he is very powerful with the force. But also, how CAN this be? We all saw Anakin Skywalker peacefully in the "Force Heaven", so the only possible way is that if someone was reincarnated into Vaders body.

Snoke is Plagueis

This has to be the most reasonable and backed up theory of them ALL. Do you remember in Revenge of the Sith when Anakin and Palpatine had their conversation in the Galaxies Opera House? Well, when Anakin turns to Palpatine and asks if it is possible to learn this power, an completely new song plays, and Palpatine says "Not from a Jedi". So, this song is Snokes theme, but it is played in a conversation about Plagueis. Also, Snoke looks a lot like Plagueis did. Also, Snoke is training Kylo, and Kylo is terrible at lightsaber combat. And Plagueis was never good with a lightsaber. So, it all adds up.

Snoke is Jar Jar Binks.

Okay, I am not even going here because this theory is pretty stupid to be honest.

So, what do you think? Do you know who Snoke is? I guess we'll have to wait until either Episode 8 or 9. Until then, may the Force be with you....


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